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Tools and utilities for buoyancy glider data processing.

Project description

Buoyancy Glider Utils

This is a tool to read and process Seaglider data from basestation netCDF format to a level2 QC phase.
For more information see the documentation of the main variable processing functions with the `calc_` prefix.
Below is a short example of how to use the data to read in and process variables.

This package is meant to be used in an interactive environment - ideally Jupyter Notebook

%pylab inline
import BuoyancyGliderUtils as bgu

sg543 = bgu.seaglider.load_basestation_netCDF_files('path_to_data/p5430*.nc')

# Load all variables needed for processing (excluding time, position and depth dimensions)

# DataFrame of science variables with dimension `sg_data_point`
df =['sg_data_point']

# Remove outliers and smooth temperature and salinity
temp = bgu.calc_physics(df.temperature, df.dives, df.depth)
salt = bgu.calc_physics(df.salinity, df.dives, df.depth)

# Backscattering processing and despiking
bb1, bb1_spikes, fig1 = bgu.calc_bb1(df.eng_wlbb2flvmt_wl470sig, temp, salt, df.dives, df.depth, 50, 1.29e-5)
bb2, bb2_spikes, fig2 = bgu.calc_bb2(df.eng_wlbb2flvmt_wl700sig, temp, salt, df.dives, df.depth, 50, 3.50e-6)

# Get theoretical PAR curve from exponential curve fit
par = bgu.calc_par(df.eng_qsp_PARuV, df.dives, df.depth, t, 6.678e-4, 10.6)

# Despike fluorescence and correct for quenching
flr_qnch, flr, qnch_layer, figs = bgu.calc_fluorescence(
df.eng_wlbb2flvmt_Chlsig, bb1, par,
df.dives, df.depth, df.time, df.latitude, df.longitude,
50, 0.0173, return_figure=True)

# See the demo file for more info

This work was funded by the CSIR (where Luke was working at the time of writing the code).

- Version: 0.4.5
- Author: Luke Gregor, Tommy Ryan-Keogh
- Email:
- Date: 2018-12-18
- Institution: Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
- Research group: Southern Ocean Carbon - Climate Observatory (SOCCO)

Please use the guidlines given on to cite this code.

**Example citation:**
Source: buoyancy_glider_utils []( retrieved on 15 July 2018.

**v0.4.5** (2018-12-18)

- printv function replaces if verbose: print (neater)
- figure text is now slightly bigger
- improved savitzky_golay - data not lost when there are nans
- quenching_correction no longer requires PAR / quenching mask

**v0.4.2** (2018-11-12)

- cleaning functions now seperated into seperate script
- plotting made more robust with catches if x is not psuedo-discrete
- blob outlier detection added

**v0.4.1** (2018-10-31)

- `seperate_spikes` has been moved to tools and has been renamed to `despike`
- quenching correction has been fixed
- `bin_depths` renamed to `grid_data` and input is now `x, y, var` instead of `var, x, y`
- `neighbourhood_iqr` has been deprecated! It wasn't doing anything
- fixed despiking and quenching reports (figures)

**v0.4** (2018-10-19)

- Added `calc_oxygen` module for both sbe and aanderaa oxygen optodes
- Added 3D plotting function `plot.section3D`
- `optics.seperate_spikes` added to calc_physics
- Updated `optics.find_bad_profiles` to either use deep mean or median
- User control on existing functions more explicit and robust

**v0.3.4** (2018-08-31)

- Photic depth function has been updated and is now more robust
- Package now available on pypi

**v0.3** (2018-07-23)

- Added calibration module that lets users calibrate gliders from bottle data
- A new density function that calculates density from corrected salinity and uses surface pressure as a reference pressure
- seaglider module now has a `load_basestation_netCDF_files` function that makes loading data more explicit.
- updated the demo file to include the new functions.

**v0.2** (2018-07-13)

- fixed bug when correcting for quenching (`index[0] does not exist` reported by Tommy)
- made an MLD function that works on ungridded data that returns output as a mask or depths
- `plot.bin_size` now accounts for nans that slocum glider data has
- quenching correction can now be calculated without PAR as input
- only one backscatter function - now the wavelength needs to be set
- section plots are rasterized
- deprication warning (`DataFrame.from_items`) in `optics.sunrise_sunset`
- Slocum output from GEOMAR MATLAB scripts can be imported with `slocum.load_geomar_slocum_matfile`
- `SeaGliderDataset.load_multiple_vars` returns the DataFrame if one dimension otherwise a dictionary of DataFrames
- Added a function `tools.mask_to_depth` to convert boolean layers to depths as a series indexed by dive number

NOTE: This package structure is defined by the `` file

- calc_physics - for temperature and salinity
- calc_bb - backscatter
- calc_fluorescence - fluorescence and quenching correction
- calc_par - get theoretical PAR
- calibration
- bottle_matchup
- model_figs
- robust_linear_fit
- plot
- pcolormesh
- contourf
- scatter
- bin_size
- save_figures_to_pdf
- section3D
- tools
- grid_data
- mask_to_depth
- time_average_per_dive
- merge_dimensions
- gaussian_kernel
- cleaning
- despike
- savitzky_golay
- despiking_report
- rolling_window
- mask_bad_dive_fraction
- horizontal_diff_outliers
- outlier_bounds_iqr
- outlier_bounds_std
- optics
- backscatter_dark_count
- find_bad_profiles
- fluorescence_dark_count
- par_dark_count
- par_fill_surface
- par_scaling
- photic_depth
- quenching_correction
- quenching_report
- sunset_sunrise
- physics
- mixed_layer_depth
- potential_density
- brunt_vaisala
- seaglider
- load_basestation_netCDF_files
- slocum
- load_geomar_slocum_matfile

- Christopher Wingard, Craig Risien, Russell Desiderio
- Tommy Ryan-Keogh and the other co-authors of Thomalla et al. (2017)
- The SOCCO team for feedback and bug reporting
- gibbs seawater package and seawater packages are used in BGU

- Integrate the EGO gliders NetCDF format (
- Add the concept of data provenence and processing tracking to the package.
This may require files to be returned as NetCDF from the processing functions

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