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Buzzsprout Podcasts Python class

Project description

A Python Buzzsprout class.


  • Python 3.7 and above
  • A Buzzsprout account (and your API token)


Provide an API Token and a Profile ID, to create a Buzzsprout object containing all episodes for that profile matching the given parameters.


pip install buzzsprout

Getting started

Instantiate the Buzzsprout class.

$ from buzzsprout import Buzzsprout
$ buzzsprout = Buzzsprout()

You then pass your profile id and token into the get method. By default, this will pull all episodes:

$ buzzsprout.get('profileid='PROFILEID', token='TOKEN')


  • title
  • audio_url
  • episode_url
  • description
  • summary
  • artist
  • tags
  • published_at
  • episode_number
  • season_number


You can currently filter by:

  • Date
  • Tag
  • Random

(and these can be used in combination).

To return only episodes newer than 2019-03-01

$ recent_episodes = buzzsprout.get(profileid='PROFILEID', token='TOKEN', datefilter='2019-03-01')

To return only episodes that contain the tag "Interviews"

$ interview_episodes = buzzsprout.get(profileid='PROFILEID', token='TOKEN', tagfilter='Interviews')

To return one random episode from the results, use the random switch

$ random_episode = buzzsprout.get(profileid='PROFILEID', token='TOKEN', random=True)

Things to note

Weirdly, Buzzsprout's API does not return an episode URL. I have therefore implemented a slightly hacky solution which modifies the audio URL. By default this URL will not use any custom URL's you have set. I have therefore implemented a workaround. If you pass in your custom URL, the episode_url property will be updated:

$ custom_url_episode = buzzsprout.get(profileid='PROFILEID', token='TOKEN', random=True, customurl='')

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