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Migration data and utilities for Brightway IO and LCA in general

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Migration data and utilities for Brightway IO and LCA in general

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Most databases use their own nomenclature for classification systems, units, etc. These systems need to be matched when linking from one database to another. Often, a simple mapping is suitable, and tools like correspondentia are a good fit. However, sometimes one needs more complexity, e.g. change field X to Y, but only if field A has value B. When ecoinvent released version 3, they changed their unit of mesaure for water from kilograms to cubic meters. bw_migrations provides tools for this more complicated transformations, and is built around the following data format:

    # The fields on which to filter
    'fields': ['name', 'category', 'unit'],
    'data': [
            # First element is input data in the order of `fields` above
            ('Water', 'air', 'kilogram'),
            # Second element is new values to substitute when all fields match
                'unit': 'cubic meter',
                '__multiplier__': 0.001

And is implemented with the following pseudo-code:

for element in input_data:
    for original, new in migration['data']:
        if all(element[field] == original[field] for field in migration['fields']):
            element.update(dict(zip(migration['fields'], new)))

The actual code is a bit more complex, as bw_migrations can also do rescaling of probability distributions and disaggregation migrations (splitting one object into several outputs).

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