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High-Level DynamoDB Interface for Pythonwrapping Low-Level Interface of boto

Project description

High-Level DynamoDB Interface for Python wrapping Low-Level Interface of boto


From PyPi:

$ pip install bynamodb

From GitHub:

$ pip install git+

Patch DynamoDBConnection

Set DynamoDBConnection default host and port.

from bynamodb.patcher import patch_dynamodb_connection

patch_dynamodb_connection(host='localhost', port=8000)

Model Definition

import datetime
from bynamodb.attributes import StringAttribute, StringSetAttribute
from bynamodb.indexes import GlobalAllIndex
from bynamodb.model import Model

class Article(Model):
    published_at = StringAttribute(hash_key=True)
    id = StringAttribute(range_key=True)
    title = StringAttribute()
    content = StringAttribute()
    author = StringAttribute()
    write_time = StringAttribute(
        default=lambda: str(
    tags = StringSetAttribute(default=set())
    thumbnail = StringAttribute(null=True)

    class AuthorIndex(GlobalAllIndex):
        read_throughput = 5
        write_throughput = 5
        hash_key = 'author'
        range_key = 'published_at'

Put Item & Get Item

    title='This is the title',
    content='This is the content',
    author='Bochul Choi'
article = Article.get_item(hash_key='2014-12-09', range_key='1')

Get Item from Raw Data

You can get items from raw data retrieved from boto’s low level API

from boto.dynamodb2.layer1 import DynamoDBConnection

conn = DynamoDBConnection()
raw_data = conn.get_item(
        'published_at': {'S': '2014-12-09'},
        'id': {'S': '1'}
article = Article.from_raw_data(raw_data['Item'])

Simple Scan & Query

# Scan all articles that the title starts with "Title"
articles = Article.scan(title__startswith='Title')
# Get the total count of matching items
count = articles.count()
# Get the iterator of matching items
items = iter(articles)

# Query articles that author is "Bochul Choi"
articles = Article.query(author__eq='Bochul Choi', index_name='AuthorIndex')
# The query result also provide the count method and iterator
count = articles.count()
items = iter(articles)

Complex lookups in Scan & Query

from bynamodb.filterexps import Contains, GT

keyword = 'bynamodb'
filter_exp = GT('published_at', '2014-12-01') & (
    Contains('title', keyword) | Contains('content', keyword.upper()))

# Scan all articles that match the filter expression
articles = Article.scan(filter_exp)

# Query articles that match the filter expression and the author condition
author = 'Bochul Choi'
articles = Atricle.query(author__eq=author, filter_builder=filter_exp,

Batch Writing & Batch Reading

with Article.batch_write() as batch:
        'published_at': '2015-02-23',
        'id': '1',
        'title': 'Article 1',
        'content': 'This is the content',
        'author': 'Bochul Choi'
        'published_at': '2015-02-23',
        'id': '2',
        'title': 'Article 2',
        'content': 'This is the content',
        'author': 'Bochul Choi'

articles = Article.batch_get(
    ('2015-02-23', '1'),
    ('2015-02-23', '2'),


  • Set ExclusiveStartKey as the untransformed LastEvaluatedKey
  • Model.delete needs to use encoded key.
  • Model.put_item returns created item.
  • NumberAttribute is only saved as number in db.

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