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Python binary object reader/writer

Project description


Python reader/writer for binary objects


pip install -U byter

Usage Example

with open("/path/to/binary/file", "rb") as data:
    has_data = read_bool(data)
    year = read_short(data)
    month = read_short(data)
    width = read_float(data)
    height = read_float(data)
    text = read_string(data, 70)
    array = read_array(data, 3, 'unsigned_short')

print("has_data:", has_data)
print("year:", year)
print("month:", month)
print("width:", width)
print("height:", height)
print("text:": text)
print("array:", array)

>> has_data: True
   year: 2019
   month: 9
   width: 1280.0
   height: 1024.0
   text: "Hello World!"
   array: [13, 4, 16]

Types allowed to read/write

C Type Python type Size in bytes
char string of length 1 1
signed char integer 1
unsigned char integer 1
bool boolean 1
short integer 2
unsigned short integer 2
int integer 4
unsigned int integer 4
long integer 4
unsigned long integer 4
long long integer 8
unsigned long long integer 8
float float 4
double float 8
char[] string

Methodes allowed

For each C type from the table in the previous section, there is a read_ and a write_ function that performs a reading/writing of a specified number of bytes from the binary object. For example,

a = read_unsigned_long(data)

will read 4 consequent bytes from the binary source data.

However, to read an array of chars (string) the method is

s = read_string(data, s_len)

It is also possible to read an array of bytes using the following method:

arr = read_array(data, size, 'unsigned_short')

This will read a sequence of length size of unsigned ints, size * 2 bytes in total (short type is of 2 bytes).

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