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Support for Subversion branches in Bazaar

Project description


bzr-svn is a plugin that allows Bazaar direct access to Subversion repositories. It allows most bzr commands to work directly against Subversion repositories, as if you were using bzr with a native bzr repository.


bzr-svn can be used through the regular Bazaar user interface, see the Bazaar Documentation Overview for documentation on that.

Some bzr-svn specific issues are answered by the FAQ.

See the bzr plugin guide for a quick introduction of bzr-svn itself.


Unsupported Subversion File Properties

Some Subversion properties can currently not be represented in Bazaar and are therefore ignored for the time being:

  • ‘svn:ignore’. There should be a Repository.get_ignores(revid) call in Bazaar rather than a magic ‘.bzrignore’ file. Spec at

  • ‘svn:mime-type’

  • ‘svn:eol-style’. Requires eol support in Bazaar.

  • ‘svn:keywords’. Requires keywords support in Bazaar. Spec at #81463

  • ‘svn:externals’. Externals should be mapped to Bazaar ‘by-reference’ nested branches and the other way around. This can’t be implemented until Bazaars nested branch support lands.

Future Enhancements

In the future, I also hope to support:

  • use svn_ra_replay() when using servers that have Subversion 1.4. Saves a couple of roundtrips when fetching history.

Some Subversion metadata can currently not be represented in Bazaar and are therefore ignored for the time being:

Other features currently held back by Bazaars feature set:


Ask bzr-svn related questions on the Bazaar mailing list or in the #bzr IRC channel on Freenode.


Please file bug reports in Launchpad. The product URL for bzr-svn is

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