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Models and scripts to access the Bugzilla REST API.

Project description

This package currently uses `remoteobjects`_ models, Mozilla's `_ Bugzilla `REST API`_, and optionally the Mozilla LDAP `phonebook`_ (to access bug assignees' managers & Mozilla email addresses).

.. _remoteobjects:
.. _phonebook:


Currently, this package depends on a pre-release version of remoteobjects, so
we'll have to do this the long way.

#. Check out the code::

git clone git://

#. (optional) Create your virtualenv using virtualenvwrapper::

mkvirtualenv --no-site-packages bztools

#. Install pip::

easy_install pip

#. Install the dependencies for bztools::

pip install -r requirements.txt

#. Run so the scripts are installed to your bin directory::

python install

Now you'll have ``bzattach`` installed in the ``/bin`` directory of your
virtual environment. To use the script, you'll have to activate this
environment with ``workon bztools``.

Note to developers: if you make any changes to the bugzilla/ files (agents, models, utils) during
work on other scripts, you will want to re-install the scripts as instructed above in order to pick
up changes



from bugzilla.agents import BMOAgent
from bugzilla.utils import get_credentials

# We can use "None" for both instead to not authenticate
username, password = get_credentials()

# Load our agent for BMO
bmo = BMOAgent(username, password)

# Set whatever REST API options we want
options = {
'changed_after': '2010-12-24',
'changed_before': '2010-12-26',
'changed_field': 'status',
'changed_field_to': 'RESOLVED',
'product': 'Core,Firefox',
'resolution': 'FIXED',
'include_fields': '_default,attachments',

# Get the bugs from the api
buglist = bmo.get_bug_list(options)

print "Found %s bugs" % (len(buglist))

for bug in buglist:
print bug

Email Nag Script
Do a dryrun::
python scripts/ -d -q queries/tracking_firefox_12 -q queries/tracking_firefox_13

You can pass in several config files (examples in queries/) that should have the following information::
query_{url,params} (choose one format - see queries/ for examples of each)

The script does the following:
* Gathers the current list of employees and managers from Mozilla LDAP phonebook
** you will need a local config for phonebook auth with your LDAP info::
# in scripts/configs/config.json ▸▸▸▸▸▸▸▸▸▸
"username": "",
"password": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
* Polls the bugzilla API with each query supplied and builds a dictionary of bugs found per query
* For each bug, finds the assignee and if possible the assignee's manager - then adds the bug to the manager's bug bucket for later email notification
* Goes through the manager dictionary and contructs an email with the bugs assigned to that manager's team members
* Outputs the message to console and waits for use input to either send/edit/cancel (save for manual notification)
* At the end it provides a list of all bugs that were not emailed about and provides the url for bugzilla of that buglist

Project details

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