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A buildout recipe to compile javascript with the Google Closure Compiler

Project description

Compress javascript files using the Google Closure Compiler


Minimal buildout config example:

parts = closure-compile

recipe = c2c.recipe.closurecompile
compiler = path/to/closure-compiler.jar
source_map = foo/
externs = externs/a.js externs/b.js
input = foo/bar.js
output = foo/bar.min.js
output_mode = compiled
compiler_flags = --generate_exports


  • compiler: The location of the compiler jar file.


  • source_map: Path to the source map file. Optional.

  • externs: A list of optional externs files.

  • input: The files to compress separated with spaces. The path can be absolute or relative to the buildout directory. These files are also used to calculate the dependencies in addition to the namespace option.

  • root: The list of paths that should be traversed to build the dependencies.

  • namespace: One or more namespaces to calculate dependencies for.

  • output: The path to the minified file.

  • output_mode: The type of output to generate from this script. Options are “list” for a list of filenames, “script” for a single script containing the contents of all the files, or “compiled” to produce compiled output with the Closure Compiler. Default is “compiled”.

  • compiler_flags: A space seperated list of additional compiler flags for the Closure Compiler. They are passed to the compiler as specified. Optional.


Writes dependency files with DepsWriter.

Minimal buildout config example:

parts = depswriter

recipe = c2c.recipe.closurecompile:depswriter
root_with_prefix = myproject ../../myproject
                   ../source/ ../../../../source/
output = path/to/deps.js


  • root_with_prefix: A list of paths and prefixes.

  • output: The path to the dependency file, can be absolute or relative to the buildout directory.

Note that the root and the path_with_depspath options from the original script are not yet supported.

Getting the jar

To automatically download and unzip the compiler from Google, you can use the receipt:

parts = closure-compile

recipe = c2c.recipe.closurecompile
compiler = ${download-closure-compile:destination}/compiler.jar

recipe =
url =

Project details

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c2c.recipe.closurecompile-0.3.3.tar.gz (13.2 kB view hashes)

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