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Cloud Custodian - OCI Support

Project description

Cloud Custodian - OCI Support

This is a plugin to Cloud Custodian that adds OCI support.

Install Cloud Custodian and OCI Plugin

The OCI provider must be installed as a separate package in addition to c7n.

$ git clone
$ virtualenv custodian
$ source custodian/bin/activate
(custodian) $ pip install -e cloud-custodian/.
(custodian) $ pip install -e cloud-custodian/tools/c7n_oci/.

Write your first policy

Cloud Custodian policies are expressed in YAML and include the following:

  • The type of resource to run the policy against
  • Filters to narrow down the set of resources
  • Actions to take on the filtered set of resources

Our first policy filters compute instance of a specific name, then adds the tag mark_deletion: true.

Create a file named custodian.yml with the following content. Update display_name,compartment_id match an existing compute instance.

    - name: filter-for-compute-name
      description: Filter for compute which matches the display name
      resource: oci.instance
        - type: query
            compartment_id: 'ocid1.compartment.oc1..<unique_ID>'
        - type: value
          key: display_name
          value: test
        - type: update_instance
                    mark-for-deletion: 'true'

Run your policy

custodian run --output-dir=. custodian.yml

If successful, you should see output like the following on the command line::

2023-05-25 18:15:53,132: custodian.oci.session:INFO Successfully authenticated user ...
2023-05-25 18:16:01,118: custodian.policy:INFO policy:filter-for-compute-name resource:oci.instance region: count:1 time:7.98
2023-05-25 18:16:05,474: custodian.oci.resources.compute:INFO Received status 200 for PUT:update_instance 9A14E2D68AC94772849C7534E10BC963/089249DEBA83A0BDA6050BFF759BCF49/38040CF37F356743B539E653B2DED1E0
2023-05-25 18:16:05,483: custodian.policy:INFO policy:filter-for-compute-name action:updateinstance resources:1 execution_time:4.34

You can find a new filter-for-compute-name under --output-dir option value directory with a log and a resources.json file.


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