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A Python library to parse Cabrillo-format amateur radio contest logs.

Project description

cabrillo ![Build Status](
A Python library to parse Cabrillo-format amateur radio contest logs.

# Getting Started
## Basic Parsing
>>> from cabrillo.parser import parse_log_file
>>> cab = parse_log_file('tests/CQWPX.log')
>>> cab.callsign
>>> cab.qso
[<cabrillo.qso.QSO object at 0x10cb09f28>, <cabrillo.qso.QSO object at 0x10cbc8860>]
>>> cab.write_text()
## Matching Two QSOs in Contest Scoring
>>> # We start off with a pair with same data.
>>> from cabrillo import QSO
>>> from datetime import datetime
>>> qso1 = QSO('14313', 'PH', datetime.strptime('May 30 2018 10:15PM', '%b %d %Y %I:%M%p'), 'KX0XXX', 'KX9XXX', de_exch=['59', '10', 'CO'], dx_exch=['44', '20', 'IN'], t=None)
>>> qso2 = QSO('14313', 'PH', datetime.strptime('May 30 2018 10:10PM', '%b %d %Y %I:%M%p'), 'KX9XXX', 'KX0XXX', de_exch=['44', '20', 'IN'], dx_exch=['59', '10', 'CO'], t=None)
>>> qso1.match_against(qso2)
>>> qso1.freq = '14000' # Same band, still will match.
>>> qso1.match_against(qso2)
>>> qso1.match_against(qso2, max_time_delta=1) # Make time checking less lenient.
>>> # All flags.
>>> qso1.match_against(qso2, max_time_delta=30, check_exch=True, check_band=True))

# Attributes
Use these attributes to access and construct individual objects.

class Cabrillo(builtins.object)
| Cabrillo(check_categories=True, **d)
| Representation of a Cabrillo log file.
| Attributes:
| version: The only supported version is '3.0'.
| callsign: Call sign of station.
| contest: Contest identification.
| category_assisted: One of CATEGORY_ASSISTED.
| category_band: One of CATEGORY_BAND.
| category_mode: One of CATEGORY_MODE.
| category_operator: One of CATEGORY_OPERATOR.
| category_power: One of CATEGORY-POWER.
| category_station: One of CATEGORY-STATION.
| category_time: One of CATEGORY-TIME.
| category_transmitter: One of CATEGORY-TRANSMITTER. Optional for
| multi-op.
| category_overlay: One of CATEGORY-OVERLAY.
| certificate: If certificate by post. Boolean.
| claimed_score: Claimed score in int.
| club: Club represented.
| created_by: Software responsible for creating this log file.
| Optional and defaults to "cabrillo (Python)".
| email: Email address of the submitter.
| location: State/section/ID depending on contest.
| name: Name.
| address: Mailing address in list, each entry is each line.
| address_city: Optional granular address info.
| address_state_province: Optional granular address info.
| address_postalcode: Optional granular address info.
| address_country: Optional granular address info.
| operators: List containing each operator's callsign of the station.
| offtime: List containing two datetime objects denoting start and
| end of off-time.
| soapbox: List containing each line of soapbox text at their own entry.
| qso: QSO data containing QSO objects.
| x_qso: Ignored QSO data containing QSO objects.
| x_anything: A dict of ignored/unknown attributes.

class QSO(builtins.object)
| QSO(freq, mo, date, de_call, dx_call, de_exch=None, dx_exch=None, t=None)
| Representation of a single QSO.
| Attributes:
| freq: Frequency in str representation.
| mo: Two letter of QSO. See MODES.
| date: UTC time in datetime.datetime object.
| de_call: Sent callsign.
| de_exch: Sent exchange incl. RST. List of each component.
| dx_call: Received callsign.
| dx_exch: Received exchange incl. RST. List of each component.
| t: Transmitter ID for multi-transmitter categories in int. 0/1.

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