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a cache library with dict interface

Project description

CachemonCache: A Python Package for Caching

CachemonCache is a package that provides efficient and fast caching in Python, including

  • Caching with different eviction algorithms, e.g., FIFO, LRU, S3FIFO, Sieve
  • Tiered caching using your flash
  • Thread-safe caches for multi-threaded applications

It uses a similar interface as dict so it can be used as a drop-in replacement for Python dict to save space.


  • 2023-08-01: CachemonCache is under development!


pip install CachemonCache


# you can import FIFO, LRU, S3FIFO, Sieve
from cachemonCache import LRU
from cachemonCache import S3FIFO

# create a cache backed by DRAM, use S3FIFO eviction if you care about hit ratio
cache = LRU(size=10) # or cache = S3FIFO(size=10)

# create a cache backed by your local flash, size is the number of objects in DRAM cache
cache = S3FIFO(size=1000, flash_size_mb=1000, path="/disk/")

# put an item into the cache
cache.put("key", "value")  # or cache["key"] = "value"
# you can specify a TTL using cache.put("key", "value", ttl=10)

# get an item from the cache

# delete an item from the cache
cache.delete("key")  # or del cache["key"]

# check if an item is in the cache
"key" in cache  # or cache.has("key")

# get the size of the cache

# add a callback for eviction
def callback(key, value, *args, **kwargs):
    print("key: {}, value: {}".format(key, value))

# list all items in the cache
print(cache.items())  # or print(cache.keys())

# get some stat
print(cache.stats())  # or cache.miss_ratio()

Cachemon can also be used as a decorator to cache the return value of a function similar to the functools in standard library.

from cachemonCache import S3FIFO
@S3FIFO(size=1000, flash_size_mb=1000, path="/disk/")
def foo(x):
    return x + 1


Python RocksDB

Road map

  1. support multi-threading
  2. support flash


We welcome contributions to Cachemon! Please check out our contributing guide for more details.

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