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A static site generator for cmpalgorithms project

Project description



cagen is a static site generator intented for cmpalgorithms project. So it's very rare you are interested in that. Although you can use it as any other static site generator.


The software is distributed under GPL 2-only license.

How it runs

It assumes your documents are written with markdown syntax. It is capable of convert those documents to any other format, using pandoc (specifically pypandoc wrapper) and Mako templating system.

The reason to use "external" templating system instead of built-in pandoc template system is because pandoc templates are not capable of make conditions with values (something like $if(author=='me') Print full name here $endif$).

The program just converts markdown files to HTML ones by default in the same directory. Unlike many other static site generators, there is no predefined structure by default: no assets directory neither site directory. By default, all generated files are in the same directory than the source files. Obviously, you can modify it if you want.

We provide:

  • a library
  • a command line program (called cagen) for convert documents
  • a script called cagen-make to generate a Makefile to convert automatically all markdown files to HTML ones.

The software is implemented in python because it's easy to program (I'm very language-neutral). If you want some really fast static site generator, be free to fork the project and program with any compiled language.


You can install via pip:

pip install cagen

If you are running ArchLinux or any Arch derivative ditribution, you can use this PKGBUILD to make a pacman package.


Basic use is:

cagen generatedfile.html template.tmpl


  • is Markdown file
  • generatedfile.html is the HTML5 file
  • template.tmpl is Mako template file

See cagen --help for more options.

This tool is some kind of low-level tool. If you want some more higher-level one to automatically converts all markdown files to corresponding HTML5 files, we provide the cagen-make script (see above). The steps are:

cagen-make --init

It creates Makefile


It automatically convert all markdown files to HTML5 ones using templates/schema.tmpl Mako template. You can modify it editing Makefile.

Other resources

  • You can see the issue tracker and contribute if you want suggesting new features or reporting a bug.
  • The API documentation is available.
  • The Mailing List to make a question, suggest something you want, send patches, etc. As user and developer.

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