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A python package to download e-Callisto spectrograms

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A python package for downloading spectrograms sourced from the e-Callisto, which is an international network of solar radio spectrometers.

This package allows for bulk downloads of spectrograms for a given set of days in a given month and year, for a list of given instruments (visit link for a list of all instruments from which the data is sourced).

The downloads are structured within a e-Callisto directory inside the working directory. The same is illustrated below:

working directory/

Functions of this package:

  • which_years()
    Prints all those years for which any spectrograms are available

  • which_months(select_year)
    Prints all those months of a given year for which spectrograms are available

  • which_days(select_year, select_month)
    Prints all those days of a given year and month for which spectrograms are available

  • instrument_codes()
    Prints instructions for choosing instruments parameter in download()

  • download(select_year, select_month, select_day, instruments)
    Downloads the spectrograms for given list of days of a given year and month; for set of instruments

If a file already exists, the download() will skip re-downloading it but the progress bar indicates the total files and not just the downloaded ones.

Argument rules:

  • select_year
    must be a valid 4-digit integer

  • select_month
    must be a valid integer

  • select_day
    could either be a valid integer or a list of valid integers

  • instruments
    could be either a single instrument code[^1] or a wildcard string ending with an asterisk indicating to download all the files which start with the wildcard string.

[^1]: Instrument codes is a list of codes derived specifically for this package and each code corresponds to one of the instrument-location combination from link. The text before the first hyphen in a file name is the instrument code.

Understanding the instruments parameter:

See link and if you would want to download all files from Mauritius, then the argument for instruments would be 'MRT*' but if you would want to download only the data from Callisto intensity 45 MHz-870 MHz of Poste de Flacq, Mauritius, LPDA, then that argument would be 'MRT1'.

If the instruments argument of the download() function ends with an asterisk, all the files from a given date which start with the argument are downloaded.

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