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A python client library that allows easy integration with Canary

Project description

The canarymd python library offers an interface to the Canary Health API at



$ pip install canarymd


import canarymd
client = canarymd.Client(principal='{USERNAME}', credential='{PASSWORD}')
html =
  context   = '{CONTEXT}',
  peo       = {
    'transport'   : canarymd.Transport.SITE,
    'purpose'     : canarymd.Purpose.PREPARE,
    'recipient'   : recipient.toHL7(),
    'appointment' : {
      'time'        : '2014-12-02T18:20:06Z',
      'patients'    : [patient.toHL7() for patient in patients],
      'provider'    : provider.toHL7(),
      'type'        : 'new',
      'reason'      : 'us/namcs:5035.0',
      'policy'      : policy.toHL7(),
  timeout   = 30,

# now do something with the HTML messages!

TODO: add documentation

Project details

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