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Project description

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A data mining suite for DNA microarrays

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**candis** is an open source data mining suite (released under the [GNU General Public License v3](LICENSE)) for DNA microarrays that consists of a wide collection of tools you require, right from Data Extraction to Model Deployment. **candis** is built on top of the toolkit - [CancerDiscover]( written by the bioinformaticians at [HelikarLab](

***WARNING***: candis currently is still in `dev` mode and not production-ready yet. In case if you run across bugs or errors, raise an issue over [here](

### Table of Contents
* [Installation](#installation)
* [Usage](#usage)
* [Features](#features)
* [Dependencies](#dependencies)
* [License](#license)

### Installation

#### TL;DR

$ curl -sL | python

To install candis right from scratch, check out our exhaustive guides:
* [A Hitchhiker's Guide to Installing candis on Mac OS X]('s-Guide-to-Installing-candis-on-Mac-OS-X)
* [A Hitchhiker's Guide to Installing candis on Linux OS]('s-Guide-to-Installing-candis-on-Linux-OS) (In Progress)
* [A Hitchhiker's Guide to Installing candis on Windows OS]('s-Guide-to-Installing-candis-on-Windows-OS) (Contributors Wanted)

### Usage
**Launching the RIA (Rich Internet Application)**

via CLI
$ candis
$ python -m candis

via Python
>>> import candis
>>> candis.main()

**Using the CLI (Command Line Interface)**

$ candis --cdata path/to/data.cdata --config path/to/config.json

### Features
* Converting a CDATA to an **ARFF** file

>>> import candis
>>> cdata ='path/to/data.cdata')

Then, simply use the `CData.toARFF` API:

>>> cdata.toARFF('path/to/data.arff')

* Running a `Pipeline`.
>>> pipe = candis.Pipeline()
>>> while pipe.status == candis.Pipeline.RUNNING:
... # do something while pipeline is running

### Dependencies
* Production Dependencies
* R
* WEKA (***NOTE:*** Requires Java)
* Python 3.6+ and [PIP]( (Python's Package Manager)
* Development Dependencies
* [Node.js](
* [SASS](

### License
This software has been released under the [GNU General Public License v3](LICENSE).

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