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Draw candlesticks charts right into your terminal, using Python!

Project description

Python Candlesticks Chart

📈 Draw candlesticks charts right into your terminal, using Python!


This is a portage from the great cli-candlestick-chart (developed by Julien-R44, written in Rust). You are looking at the Python 3.10+ version.

Note: not tested on macOS, nor Windows (it will likely fail to render colors).

Table of contents:


  • Auto-fit to terminal size
  • Practical formatting for big, and tiny, numbers
  • Integration with Rich
  • Simple, yet customizable, API
  • Exact same API as the Rust version, plus some sugar
  • Simple installation, no external dependencies


As simple as:

$ python -m pip install -U candlestick-chart


from candlestick_chart import Candle, Chart

# Add some candles
candles = [
    Candle(133.520004, 133.610001, 126.760002, 129.410004),
    Candle(128.889999, 131.740005, 128.429993, 131.009995),
    Candle(127.720001, 131.050003, 126.379997, 126.599998),
    Candle(128.360001, 131.630005, 127.860001, 130.919998),
    Candle(132.429993, 132.630005, 130.229996, 132.050003),

# Create and display the chart
# Optional keyword arguments: title, width, height
chart = Chart(candles, title="Optional title")

# Set the chart title

# Set customs colors
chart.set_bear_color(1, 205, 254)
chart.set_bull_color(255, 107, 153)
chart.set_vol_bull_color(1, 205, 254)
chart.set_vol_bear_color(255, 107, 153)

# Set custom labels (empty string => label not displayed)
chart.set_label("highest", "ATH")
chart.set_label("lowest", "ATL")
chart.set_label("average", "")
chart.set_label("volume", "")

# Volume pane settings

# And, it is also responsive!
new_width = 200
new_height = 150
chart.update_size(new_width, new_height)

# By the way, did you know that you can add more candles in real-time?
# Or completely replace current candles
chart.update_candles(candles[:3], reset=True)

# Set a custom color at price 52,348.63
# from candlestick_chart.utils import fnum
chart.set_highlight(fnum(52,348.63), "red")
chart.set_highlight(fnum(52,348.63), (255, 0, 0))
chart.set_highlight(fnum(52,348.63), "91m")
chart.set_highlight(fnum(52,348.63), "91;47m")


Binary Usage

When installing the library, an executable is made available (candlestick-chart):

$ candlestick-chart --help             

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -m {stdin,csv-file,json-file}, --mode {stdin,csv-file,json-file}
                        Select the method for retrieving the candles.
  -f FILE, --file FILE  [MODE:*-file] File to read candles from.
  --chart-name CHART_NAME
                        Sets the chart name.
  --bear-color BEAR_COLOR
                        Sets the descending candles color in hexadecimal.
  --bull-color BULL_COLOR
                        Sets the ascending candles color in hexadecimal.
  --version             show program's version number and exit

When requesting the JSON or stdin mode, the library expects a JSON with the following format:

        "open": 28994.009766,
        "high": 29600.626953,
        "low": 28803.585938,
        "close": 29374.152344

For all requests, here are supported fields:

"open": float  # mandatory
"close": float  # mandatory
"high": float  # mandatory
"low": float  # mandatory
"volume": float
"timestamp": float




Read CSV from file

$ candlestick-chart \
    --mode=csv-file \
    --file='./examples/BTC-USD.csv' \
    --chart-name='My BTC Chart' \
    --bear-color='#b967ff' \

Read JSON from file

$ candlestick-chart \
    --mode=json-file \
    --file='./examples/BTC-chart.json' \
    --chart-name='My BTC Chart' \
    --bear-color='#b967ff' \

Read from stdin

echo '[
    "open": 28994.009766,
    "high": 29600.626953,
    "low": 28803.585938,
    "close": 29374.152344
    "open": 29376.455078,
    "high": 33155.117188,
    "low": 29091.181641,
    "close": 32127.267578
]' | candlestick-chart \
    --mode=stdin \
    --chart-name='My BTC Chart' \
    --bear-color='#b967ff' \

Download files

Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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