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A simple progress bar with the ILoveCandy style

Project description

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A Progress Bar inspired by Arch pacman with ILoveCandy option enabled. CandyBar



Manual instalation

Clone the repository, build, and install the package:

git clone
cd CandyBar
pip install .

Install from PyPi

pip install candy_bar


Don't like Python? Use it with C++! Clone the repository and either install the library or build against it:

git clone
cd CandyBar
make && make install


Import the package and create the progress bar object:

# Python
from candy_bar import CandyBar

cb = CandyBar(100, "Progress")
// C++
#include "candybar.h"


CandyBar cb(100, "Progress");


Parameter Default Description
total 100 Defines the value corresponding to 100%
message None Write some text at the beginning of the line
width console size Size (in chars) of the bar, by default max console size
left_justified True Defines the justification of the bar (not the message text)
disable False When set, the progress bar will be disabled

To update the position of the progress bar use the update method:

# Python
total = 100

for i in range(total + 1):
    # Your code goes here
// C++
int total = 100;

for (int i = 0; i <= total; i++)
    // Your code goes here

The progress bar can be disabled:

# Python
def function(verbose):
    cb.disable(not verbose)
// C++
void function(bool verbose)

The total value, the message, and the justification of the progress bar can be changed:

# Python
cb.set_message("Another message")
// C++
cb.set_message("Another message");

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