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Shared Django views for use in Webteam apps

Project description


Views for Django apps, primarily for use in Webteam Django apps.


You can install this module directly with
``pip install canonicalwebteam.django_views``, or alternatively, include
``canonicalwebteam.django_views`` in ``requirements.txt`` for your app.


``TemplateFinder`` is an extension of ``TemplateView`` which attempts to
load the corresponding templates directly from URLs, without the need to
write a view for each URL.

It can load HTML templates directly, or parse Markdown files that
contain a "wrapper\_template" frontmatter key.


Here's an example of how to make use of ``TemplateFinder`` in your
Django app:

.. code:: python
from django.conf.urls import url
from canonicalwebteam.django_views import TemplateFinder
# ...
urlpatterns += url(r"$^", TemplateFinder.as_view()),

Template matching

When the app parses a URL, it will look for templates in the following
locations, in order:

- ``/parent/location/`` =>
- ``/parent/location/`` =>
- ``/parent/location/`` =>
- ``/parent/location/`` =>

Markdown parsing

If the ``TemplateFinder`` encounters a Markdown file (ending ``.md``) it
will look for the following keys in `YAML
frontmatter <>`__:

- ``wrapper_template`` *mandatory*: (e.g.:
``wrapper_template: /includes/markdown-wrapper.html``) A path to an
HTML template within which to place the parsed markdown content. If
the path doesn't have a leading slash (e.g. "templates/template.html"
or "../templates/template.html"), then ``TemplateFinder`` will search
for the template relative to the location of the Markdown file in
question. If the path
- ``context`` *optional*: (e.g.:
``context: {title: "Welcome", description: "A welcome page"}``) A
dictionary of extra key / value pairs to pass through to the template
- ``markdown_includes`` *optional*: (e.g.:
``markdown_includes: {nav: }``) A mapping of key names to template
paths pointing to Markdown files to include. Each template path will
be parsed, the resulting HTML will be passed in the template context,
under the relevant key.

Here's an example Markdown file:

.. code:: markdown

wrapper_template: "/includes/markdown-wrapper.html"
nav: "includes/"
title: "Welcome"
description: "A welcome page"

Welcome to my website.

## GitHub

I also have [a GitHub page](

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