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Command-line interface to Canvas LMS

Project description

canvaslms: A CLI to Canvas LMS.

This program provides a command-line interface for Canvas. The command is canvaslms and it has several subcommands in the same style as Git. canvaslms provides output in a format useful for POSIX tools, this makes automating tasks much easier.

Let's consider how to grade students logging into the student-shell SSH server. We store the list of students' Canvas and KTH IDs in a file.

canvaslms users -c DD1301 -s | cut -f 1,2 > students.csv

Then we check who has logged into student-shell.

ssh last | cut -f 1 -d " " | sort | uniq \
  > logged-in.csv

Finally, we check who of our students logged in.

for s in $(cut -f 2 students.csv); do
  grep $s logged-in.csv && \

Finally, we can set their grade to P and add the comment "Well done!" in Canvas. We set the grades for the two assignments whose titles match the regular expression (Preparing the terminal|The terminal).

    canvaslms grade -c DD1301 -a "(Preparing the terminal|The terminal)" \
      -u $(grep $s students.csv | cut -f 1) \
      -g P -m "Well done!"


Just install the PyPI package:

python3 -m pip install canvaslms

Some subcommands use pandoc, so you will likely have to install pandoc on your system manually.

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