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Parsing bank feed data files

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Bank feeds parsers collection.


To use the VCF parser, use the VCFParser class:

from card_data_parsers import VCFParser, ParserError

  with open(dir + '/input.vcf') as input_file:
    result = VCFParser.parse(
except ParserError as e:
  print(f'Omg! error {e}')

Similarly, you can use AmexParser, CDFParser, S3DFParser and HappayParser for the right file types.


pip install -r requirements.txt

Check implemented parsers for examples.

Run tests

chmod +x


Releasing a new version

To release new version to Pypi:

  • Create a new release here. OR
  • Create a git tag and push that tag(after merge) with version number like:
    git tag v0.1.0
    git push origin v0.1.0

Versioning semantics

The parse method is supposed to return a list of transactions. This is a list of python dict objects that looks like this:

[{"bank_name": "Test BANK", "vendor": "Test", "sync_type": "BANK FEED - VCF", "transaction_type": "debit", "currency": "EUR", "amount": "124.74", "transaction_date": "2018-11-30T10:00:00.000000Z", "account_number": "4142********6333", "transaction_dt": "2018-11-30T10:00:00.000000Z", "external_id": "b2a242d1d9814394b594044b77f36f2f"}]

If there is any non-backward compatible change to this structure e.g. a key is deleted, then bump up major number. Otherwise, bump up minor number.

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