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Apache Arrow adapter for the Cassandra python driver

Project description


Arrow based Cassandra python driver.


Speed up the cassandra python driver using C++ to parse cassandra queries data as Apache Arrow tables.

Key features:

  • 20x speed up in the parsing of results
  • 14x less memory
  • Support for most native types, UDT, List and Set

Getting Started


pip install cassarrow


import cassarrow
import pyarrow as pa

# ...

with cassarrow.install_cassarrow(session) as cassarrow_session:
    table: pa.Table = cassarrow.result_set_to_table(cassarrow_session.execute("SELECT * FROM my_table"))

Type Mapping

Native Types

Cassandra pyarrow Note
ascii pa.string()
bigint pa.int64()
blob pa.binary()
boolean pa.bool_()
counter TODO
date pa.date32()
decimal Incompatible
double pa.float64()
duration pa.duration("ns")
float pa.float32()
inet TODO
int pa.int32()
smallint pa.int16()
text pa.string()
time pa.time64("ns")
timestamp pa.timestamp("ms")
timeuuid pa.binary(16)
tinyint pa.int8()
uuid pa.binary(16)
varchar pa.string()
varint Incompatible

Collections / UDT

Cassandra pyarrow Note
list pa.list_
map pa.map_
set pa.list_
udt pa.struct

Project details

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Source Distribution

cassarrow-0.1.2.tar.gz (12.9 kB view hashes)

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