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cassowarypy: python-wrap of Cassowary linear constraint solver

Project description

This is a python wrapper over the (famous) Cassowary incremental constraint solver. It uses the c++ implementation (0.6) as backend.

The original c++ code is somewhat refactored to remove memory leaks by using reference counting, and is usable alone.

The refactoring was done somewhen in 2002, and the code is not touched much since then. Last changes are workarounding recent template-things in new (gcc-4.x) c++ compilers. The Finite-domain part (using GTL graph library) is not tried/tested; it might or might not work.

repository: svn co

how to compile/install for python:
  • the c++ code now compiles on both g++ 3.3.3 and g++ 4.1.3. it also compiles on some MSVC.

  • ‘swig’ is also needed

  • if the default C++ compiler is one of those, just ‘python install’ would do. Then run python to see if all works.

  • else, u have to install one of these compilers and fight with distutils to make it use that one. e.g. “CC=g++-3.3 python install” might work; also check the link’ing part

My code is under MIT-license. Original Cassowary code is licensed under LGPL.

Original cassowary Web Page: (last update about year 2000)

Project details

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