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Investigate wtf you were working on... where is that damn file?

Project description

catscan, or mindgrep

Forgot where you put that file? Forgot what you were working on?

Wish you could grep against a file you forgot about?


From the project root directory::

$ pip install catscan


$ python install


Simply run it with something that might be in the file, and it will check through files you worked with in your bash history::

# Find files you worked on that have the search string 'install' in them.
$ catscan 'install'

Use --help/-h to view info on the arguments::

$ catscan --help

More complex scan behavior is also available::

# search using regex (python format)
$ catscan -r '201[56]-\d+-\d+'

# limit to files less than 1 megabyte
$ catscan -m 1 'foo'

# limit to files less than ~100 kilobytes
$ catscan -m 0.1 'foo'

# case insensitive search
$ catscan -i 'foo'

# Look for files that are not necessarily ASCII (using file magic)
$ catscan -a 'CAFEBABE'

# Quit after finding the first matching file
$ catscan -q 1 'foo'

Release Notes

Removed start/end features to simplify runtime requirements
bugfree (enough) version for release
Finished main features
Project created

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catscan-0.0.7.tar.gz (6.9 kB view hashes)

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