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Device Data Store on BigTable

Project description

# Cattle DB #

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Fast BigTable Time Series Database Implementation

## Installation Recursive Option is needed to build the C Speedups. ` git clone --recursive pip install ./cattledb `

## Run Docker Emulator for Tests on Machine

`bash docker run -it -p 8080:8080 spotify/bigtable-emulator:latest export BIGTABLE_EMULATOR_HOST=localhost:8080 pytest tests `

## Build and Start Tests in docker ` docker build . -t cattledb-test docker run -it cattledb-test bash service bigtable-server start export BIGTABLE_EMULATOR_HOST="localhost:8080" pytest tests `

## Compile python protobuf file `bash # RUN python -m --python_out=./cattledb/grpcserver --grpc_python_out=./cattledb/grpcserver --proto_path=./protos cdb.proto # cd to .\cattledb\grpcserver\ # change line import cdb_pb2 as cdb__pb2 # to from . import cdb_pb2 as cdb__pb2 `

## Build and Push cattledb docker `bash docker build . -t mths/cattledb:latest docker tag mths/cattledb:latest mths/cattledb:0.1 docker push mths/cattledb `

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