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configure AWS responsibly using profile names.

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configure AWS responsibly using profile names and environment vars.

rather than changing your AWS SDK credentials with aws configure, AWS suggests
setting the ENV var AWS_DEFAULT_PROFILE to a [profile] in your ~/.aws/credentials.
when set, this ENV var will over-ride the profile set with aws configure.

caws will write to an rc file setting AWS_DEFAULT_PROFILE to the given profile name.
if you do not have the rc file caws will create it for you.

you'll need to add . .cawsrc to your RC file (using bash: .bashrc or .bash_profile)

add new profiles using $ aws configure --profile newname

one benefit of using AWS_DEFAULT_PROFILE method instead of aws configure is the
ability to add which AWS profile you're currently using to your command prompt.


aws cli


change AWS_DEFAULT_PROFILE to profilename
$ caws profilename

change AWS_DEFAULT_PROFILE to profilename and also update ~/.aws/credentials and ~/.aws/config
$ caws profilename --withcreds

show help and exit
$ caws -h

example bash usage

because python cannot source files on the parent process, caws has the unfortunate inability to update the ENV var it is updating.
therefore, a thin bash helper function can be used to run caws in the background:

kaws() {
 eval "caws $1 > /dev/null"
 . ~/.cawsrc  

example PS1 with colored path parts!

function color_path() {
    ROYGBIV=('\e[31m' '\e[38;5;208m' '\e[93m' '\e[92m' '\e[36m' '\e[94m' '\e[95m' '\e[97m' '\e[93m' '\e[38;5;208m' '\e[91m' '\e[95m' '\e[96m' '\e[34m' '\e[92m')
    exploded=$(echo $explode_path | tr "/" "\n")
    for part in $exploded
        x=$(expr $x + 1)
    printf $final
parse_git_branch() {
    local b=$(git symbolic-ref HEAD 2> /dev/null)
    if [ "${b#refs/heads/}" != "" ]
        printf " \e[38;5;208m(${b#refs/heads/})\e[0m"
PS1='\[\033[45m\]\u\[\033[0;96m\] aws:\[\033[92m\]$AWS_DEFAULT_PROFILE`parse_git_branch` \[\033[37m\]- `color_path`\[\033[37m\]\n$ \[\033[0m\]'

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