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semi server side rendered html and javascript

Project description

Latest Version Python Support

CCCP - Semi Server Side Rendered ☭

CCCP uses dominate for generation of HTML in Python but extends it with JavaScript snippets


  • Custom elements that can be rendered:
    • Function declarations for simple DOM manipulation
    • Indludes of external scripts (like jquery etc.)
  • Render function that can take a single or lists of dominate HTML elements

HTML tag manipulation using external sourcecode from GET's

CCCP currently includes the following functions:

(They all work by fetching html from a remote endpoint and manipulating a HTML tag with a given id)

  • ReplaceHtml(url, id): Lets you replace the contents of an HTML tag
  • AppendHtml(url, id): Lets you append to the end of a HTML tag
  • PrependHtml(url, id): Lets you prepend to the beginning of a HTML tag


Install from PYPI (also installs dominate):

$ pip install cccp

Import modules:

from dominate import tags as t
import cccp

Include needed definitions in HTML Head:


Use functions inside HTML to manipulate select DOM elements:

    "go to blog",
        "", "pageContent"

☝️This will replace the contents of the div "pageContent" with the HTML it GET's from ""

see examples/ for a full demo!


  • Simple functions for replacing/appending/prepending of DOM elements
  • Elements for popular js dependencies:
    • axios used for HTTP requests (performs GET requests)
    • jquery used for HTTP requests (does the DOM manipulation)
  • Error handling in bundled javascript functions
  • Simple html forms using json-schema for form validation etc
  • Implement tests
  • chartjs:
    • Element for including library
    • Functions for creating different kinds of interactive charts
  • More DOM manipulation javascript functions:
    • Function for creating a Comet call and replacing/prepending/appending incomming html to the DOM
    • Functions for deleting DOM elements
    • Functions for pulling regularily (timer interupt GET's)


  • implement simple javascript functions for DOM manipulations
  • create example using flask


  • fix bugs
  • introduce more js snippets


  • fix css snippet


  • add xkcd line chart snippet


  • drop xkcd chart and use chartjs


  • line chart take options

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