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CDK construct to deploy docker image to Amazon ECR

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CDK construct to synchronize single docker image between docker registries.

⚠️ Version 1.* is no longer supported, as CDK v1 has reached the end-of-life stage. Please use only ^2.0.0.


  • Copy image from ECR/external registry to (another) ECR/external registry
  • Copy an archive tarball image from s3 to ECR/external registry

Environment variables

Enable flags: true, 1. e.g. export CI=1

  • CI indicate if it's CI environment. This flag will enable building lambda from scratch.
  • NO_PREBUILT_LAMBDA disable using prebuilt lambda.
  • FORCE_PREBUILT_LAMBDA force using prebuilt lambda.

⚠️ If you want to force using prebuilt lambda in CI environment to reduce build time. Try export FORCE_PREBUILT_LAMBDA=1.

⚠️ The above flags are only available in cdk-ecr-deployment 2.x.


from aws_cdk.aws_ecr_assets import DockerImageAsset

image = DockerImageAsset(self, "CDKDockerImage",
    directory=path.join(__dirname, "docker")

# Copy from cdk docker image asset to another ECR.
ecrdeploy.ECRDeployment(self, "DeployDockerImage1",

# Copy from docker registry to ECR.
ecrdeploy.ECRDeployment(self, "DeployDockerImage2",

# Copy from private docker registry to ECR.
# The format of secret in aws secrets manager must be plain text! e.g. <username>:<password>
ecrdeploy.ECRDeployment(self, "DeployDockerImage3",
    src=ecrdeploy.DockerImageName("javacs3/nginx:latest", "username:password"),
    # src: new ecrdeploy.DockerImageName('javacs3/nginx:latest', 'aws-secrets-manager-secret-name'),
    # src: new ecrdeploy.DockerImageName('javacs3/nginx:latest', 'arn:aws:secretsmanager:us-west-2:000000000000:secret:id'),

Sample: test/example.ecr-deployment.ts

# Run the following command to try the sample.
NO_PREBUILT_LAMBDA=1 npx cdk deploy -a "npx ts-node -P --prefer-ts-exts test/example.ecr-deployment.ts"


Tech Details & Contribution

The core of this project relies on containers/image which is used by Skopeo. Please take a look at those projects before contribution.

To support a new docker image source(like docker tarball in s3), you need to implement image transport interface. You could take a look at docker-archive transport for a good start.

To test the lambda folder, make test.

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