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Deploy Bash Lambda Functions with AWS CDK

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Deploy Bash Lambda Functions with AWS CDK


AWS Lambda has the docker container image support since AWS re:Invent 2020 which allows you to run your Lambda code in a custom container image. Inspired by nikovirtala/cdk-eks-experiment, cdk-lambda-bash allows you to specify a local shell script and bundle it up as a custom resource in your cdk stack. On cdk deployment, your shell script will be executed in a Lambda container environment.


At this moment, we are offering BashExecFunction construct class which is a high-level abstraction of lambda.Function. By defining the script property which poins to your local shell script, on cdk deploy, this script will be bundled into a custom docker image and published as a lambda.DockerImageFunction.

If you, a custom resource will be created and the lambda.DockerImageFunction will be executed on deployment.


Use the npm dist tag to opt in CDKv1 or CDKv2:

// for CDKv2
npm install cdk-lambda-bash
npm install cdk-lambda-bash@latest

// for CDKv1
npm install cdk-lambda-bash@cdkv1


const app = new cdk.App();

const stack = new cdk.Stack(app, 'my-stack');

// bundle your Lambda function to execute the local in container
const fn = new BashExecFunction(stack, 'Demo', {
  script: path.join(__dirname, '../'),

// run it as custom resource on deployment;

Re-execution on assets update

By default, if you update your shell script or Dockerfile and re-deploy your CDK application, the BashExecFunction will not be re-executed. Use runOnUpdate to enable the re-execution on update.{ runOnUpdate: true });

Custom Dockerfile

In some cases, you may customize your own Dockerfile, for instances:

  1. You need extra tools or utilities such as kubectl or helm
  2. You need build from your own base image

In these cases, create a custom Dockerfile as below and add extra utilities i.e. kubectl:

click and view custom Dockerfile sample

RUN yum install -y unzip jq

# install aws-cli v2
RUN curl "" -o "" && \
  unzip && \

# install kubectl
RUN curl -o kubectl && \
  chmod +x kubectl && \
  mv kubectl /usr/local/bin/kubectl

COPY bootstrap /var/runtime/bootstrap
COPY /var/task/
COPY /var/task/
RUN chmod +x /var/runtime/bootstrap /var/task/ /var/task/

WORKDIR /var/task
CMD [ "" ]

Specify your own Dockerfile with the dockerfile property.

new BashExecFunction(stack, 'Demo', {
  script: path.join(__dirname, '../'),
  dockerfile: path.join(__dirname, '../Dockerfile'),

Conditional Execution

In the user script(e.g., you are allowed to determine the event type and act accordingly.

For example

const installArgoCD = new BashExecFunction(...){runOnUpdate: true});

When you run this sample, will receive onCreate event and you can run your custom logic to "install ArgoCD" like kubectl apply -f URL. However, if you comment it off and deploy again:

const installArgoCD = new BashExecFunction(...)

//{runOnUpdate: true});

Under the hood, will receive onDelete event and you can run your custom logic to "uninstall ArgoCD" like kubectl delete -f URL.

Check the full sample code below:

Click and view the sample code

# implement your business logic below
function onCreate() {
  echo "running kubectl apply -f ..."

function onUpdate() {
  echo "do nothing on update"

function onDelete() {
  echo "running kubectl delete -f ..."

function getRequestType() {
  echo $1 | jq -r .RequestType

function conditionalExec() {
  requestType=$(getRequestType $EVENT_DATA)

  # determine the original request type
  case $requestType in
    'Create') onCreate $1 ;;
    'Update') onUpdate $1 ;;
    'Delete') onDelete $1 ;;

echo "Hello cdk lambda bash!!"


exit 0

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