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An AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) construct library that allows you to upload and deploy a Zipped Lex Bot. Once imported, this Bot can be managed within the Amazon Lex Console.


To add to your AWS CDK package.json file:

yarn add cdk-lex-zip-import

Within your AWS CDK:

Import Lex Bot

const bot = new lexupload.ImportBot(this, 'lexBot', {
  sourceDirectory: './resources/LexBot',
  lexRoleArn: lexRole.roleArn,

The sourceDirecotry must include a file named All files in that directory will be uploaded, but only a file named will be imported to Lex as a Bot.

The lexRoleArn refers to the roleArn of an IAM Role. For example:

const lexRole = new iam.Role(this, 'lexRole', {
  assumedBy: new iam.ServicePrincipal(''),
  inlinePolicies: {
    ['lexPolicy']: new iam.PolicyDocument({
      statements: [
        new iam.PolicyStatement({
          resources: ['*'],
          actions: ['polly:SynthesizeSpeech', 'comprehend:DetectSentiment'],

Adding a Resource Policy

bot.addResourcePolicy(resourceArn, policy);

addResourcePolicy requires two properties: the resourceArn of the Lex Bot, and a policy to be applied. This policy will be applied to the alias associated with the Bot.

Resource ARN Example:

const resourceArn = `arn:aws:lex:${this.region}:${this.account}:bot-alias/${bot.botId}/${bot.botAliasId}`;

Policy Example:

const policy = {
  Version: '2012-10-17',
  Statement: [
      Sid: 'AllowChimePstnAudioUseBot',
      Effect: 'Allow',
      Principal: { Service: '' },
      Action: 'lex:StartConversation',
      Resource: resourceArn,
      Condition: {
        StringEquals: { 'AWS:SourceAccount': `${this.account}` },
        ArnEquals: {
          'AWS:SourceArn': `arn:aws:voiceconnector:us-east-1:${this.account}:*`,

Not Supported Yet

This is a work in progress.

Features that are not supported yet:

  • Non-Draft Versions
  • Updates to created resources


See CONTRIBUTING for more information.


This project is licensed under the Apache-2.0 License.

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