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Get outputs from cross-regional AWS CDK stacks

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Get outputs from cross-regional AWS CDK stacks


AWS CDK cross-regional cross-stack reference is not easy with the native AWS CDK construct library.

cdk-remote-stack aims to simplify the cross-regional cross-stack reference to help you easily build cross-regional multi-stack AWS CDK apps.


Let's say we have two cross-region CDK stacks in the same cdk app:

  1. stackJP - cdk stack in JP to create a SNS topic
  2. stackUS - cdk stack in US to get the Outputs from stackJP and print out the SNS TopicName from stackJP Outputs.
# Example automatically generated without compilation. See
from cdk_remote_stack import StackOutputs
import aws_cdk.core as cdk

app = cdk.App()

env_jP = {
    "region": "ap-northeast-1",
    "account": process.env.CDK_DEFAULT_ACCOUNT

env_uS = {
    "region": "us-west-2",
    "account": process.env.CDK_DEFAULT_ACCOUNT

# first stack in JP
stack_jP = cdk.Stack(app, "demo-stack-jp", env=env_jP)

cdk.CfnOutput(stack_jP, "TopicName", value="foo")

# second stack in US
stack_uS = cdk.Stack(app, "demo-stack-us", env=env_uS)

# ensure the dependency

# get the stackJP stack outputs from stackUS
outputs = StackOutputs(stack_uS, "Outputs", stack=stack_jP)

remote_output_value = outputs.get_att_string("TopicName")

# the value should be exactly the same with the output value of `TopicName`
cdk.CfnOutput(stack_uS, "RemoteTopicName", value=remote_output_value)

always get the latest stack output

By default, the StackOutputs construct will always try to get the latest output from the source stack, you may opt out by setting alwaysUpdate to false to turn this feature off.

For example:

# Example automatically generated without compilation. See
outputs = StackOutputs(stack_uS, "Outputs",

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