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A simple CDK seeder for SQL Server RDS databases.

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cdk-sqlserver-seeder Mentioned in Awesome CDK

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A simple CDK seeder for SQL Server RDS databases.

When you create an RDS SQL Server instance using CloudFormation template, there is no way to provide initial schema definition as part of CloudFormation stack deployment. Custom schema deployment scripts can be executed only after the database deployment is complete.

cdk-sqlserver-seeder library is a AWS CDK construct that provides a way to automate this process and eliminate manual steps involved in the process of preparing new RDS SQL Server environment by executing custom SQL scripts on RDS SQL Server instance creation/deletion.

The construct relies on Invoke-SqlCmd cmdlet to run the scripts and provides a way to handle transient errors during stack provisioning.


# Example automatically generated without compilation. See
import aws_cdk.core as cdk
import aws_cdk.aws_ec2 as ec2
import aws_cdk.aws_rds as rds
from cdk_sqlserver_seeder import SqlServerSeeder

class DatabaseStack(cdk.Stack):
    def __init__(self, scope, id, *, description=None, env=None, stackName=None, tags=None, synthesizer=None, terminationProtection=None):
        super().__init__(scope, id, description=description, env=env, stackName=stackName, tags=tags, synthesizer=synthesizer, terminationProtection=terminationProtection)

        sql_server = rds.DatabaseInstance(self, "Instance",

        seeder = SqlServerSeeder(self, "SqlSeeder",
            create_script_path="./SQL/v1.0.0.sql", # script to be executed on resource creation

Configuration properties

SqlServerSeeder construct accepts the following configuration properties:

Parameter Required Default Description
vpc yes VPC for Lambda function deployment
database yes RDS SQL Server database instance
createScriptPath yes SQL scripts to run on resource creation
deleteScriptPath no SQL script to run on resource deletion
port no 1433 RSD SQL Server database port
memorySize no 512 Lambda function memory size
ignoreSqlErrors no false Whether to ignore SQL error or not



cdk-sqlserver-seeder deploys a custom resource backed by PowerShell lambda to connect to SQL Server instance. Lambda function is deployed in private subnets of your VPC where RDS instance resides.

Lambda function retrieves database credentials from AWS Secrets Manager and uses them to construct connection string to the database.

SQL scripts are uploaded into S3 bucket during CDK application deployment. Lambda function downloads these scripts during execution.

Security considerations

Lambda function has the following permissions:

  • Managed policies

    • AWSLambdaBasicExecutionRole for CloudWatch logs
    • AWSLambdaVPCAccessExecutionRole for VPC access
  • Inline policy

    • secretsmanager:GetSecretValue for RDS credentials secret
    • s3:GetObject*, s3:GetBucket*, s3:List* for S3 bucket with SQL scripts


The whole project inspired by aws-cdk-dynamodb-seeder. I though it would be very helpful to have a similar way to seed initial schema to more traditional SQL Server databases.

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