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A Celery schedule corntab which is work with jalali calendar

Project description

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JalaliCrontab is a Celery schedule that works with Jalali Calendar.

Getting Started

Install with pip:

pip install celery-jalalicrontab

You can use JalaliCrontab just like celery crontab. In the example bellow, task will be run every minutes in “30” of “dey” month:

def setup_periodic_tasks(sender, **kwargs):
        JalaliCrontab(day_of_month=30, month_of_year=10),
        test.s('Happy my birthday!'),

And also you can use it alongside RedisBeater by extending JalaliCrontab and jalalidatetime then define encode_beater method for them:

class Myjalalidatetime(jalalidatetime):
    def encode_beater(self):
        if self.tzinfo is None:
            timezone = 'UTC'
        elif is None:
            timezone = self.tzinfo.utcoffset(None).total_seconds()
            timezone =

        datetime_obj = self.togregorian()
        return {
            'year': datetime_obj.year,
            'month': datetime_obj.month,
            'hour': datetime_obj.hour,
            'minute': datetime_obj.minute,
            'second': datetime_obj.second,
            'microsecond': datetime_obj.microsecond,
            'timezone': timezone,

class MyJalaliCrontab(JalaliCrontab):
    def encode_beater(self):
        return {
            'minute': self._orig_minute,
            'hour': self._orig_hour,
            'day_of_week': self._orig_day_of_week,
            'day_of_month': self._orig_day_of_month,
            'month_of_year': self._orig_month_of_year,


JalaliCrontab is available on GitHub

Once you have the source you can run the tests with the following commands:

pip install -r
py.test tests

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