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A command line tool for Censys Enterprise Customers that allows BQ access via the command line.

Project description

Censys BigQuery Command Line Tool

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This script allows users to query the data in Censys Data BigQuery Project from the command line. The results from the query can be exported as JSON, CSV, or viewed from the terminal screen.

Note: the Censys Data BigQuery Project is available to enterprise customers and approved academic researchers. For more information on product tiers, contact

Setting Up a Service Account in BigQuery

Prior to using the BiqQuery Command Line Tool, you'll need to set up a service account that is associated with your Google Cloud Platform.

Google provides documentation on how to create a service account, either via the GCP Console or the Command Line. Visit Getting started with authentication for full documentation.

Be sure to set the GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS environmental variable.



The library can be installed using pip.

pip install censys-bigquery-cli


pip install git+


The script allows you to input SQL queries as arguments in the script, returning the results as screen output (default), JSON, or CSV.

Here are some example queries:

censys_bq 'SELECT ip, ports, protocols, tags FROM `censys-io.ipv4_public.current` WHERE = "Ann Arbor" and REGEXP_CONTAINS(TO_JSON_STRING(tags), r"rsa-export") LIMIT 25'
censys_bq 'with user_ports as (
SELECT [443, 3306, 6379] as selected_ports

SELECT DISTINCT ip, TO_JSON_STRING(user_ports.selected_ports)
  FROM `censys-io.ipv4_banners_public.current`, user_ports, UNNEST(services) as s
  WHERE (SELECT LOGICAL_AND(a_i IN (SELECT port_number FROM UNNEST(services))) FROM UNNEST(user_ports.selected_ports) a_i) LIMIT 15' --format csv
censys_bq 'SELECT COUNT(ip), p80.http.get.body_sha256
FROM `censys-io.ipv4_public.current`
WHERE REGEXP_CONTAINS(p80.http.get.body, r"(?i)coinhive.min.js>")
GROUP BY p80.http.get.body_sha256
ORDER BY 1 DESC' --format json
censys_bq 'with Data as (SELECT
  distinct fingerprint_sha256
  `censys-io.certificates_public.certificates`, UNNEST(parsed.subject.organization) as po, UNNEST(parsed.names) as parsed_names
   REGEXP_CONTAINS(TO_JSON_STRING(parsed.names), r"[.]example[.]")

  distinct ip
  `censys-io.ipv4_banners_public.current` as c, UNNEST(services)
      JOIN Data as d on d.fingerprint_sha256 = certificate.fingerprints.sha256
LIMIT 20' --format json



All contributions (no matter how small) are always welcome.


git clone
cd censys-bigquery/
pip install -e ".[dev]"


This software is licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0

  • Copyright (C) 2021 Censys, Inc.

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