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A command line tool for submitting CFDE Datasets

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CFDE Submit

This is a client to interact with the Globus Automate Flows for CFDE use cases. Both a Python API and a CLI tool are available.


The CFDE Submission Client requires Python 3.6 or later. To check which version of Python you have, run python –version. If you have both Python 2 and Python 3 installed, you may need to check with python3 –version. If this is the case, you will also need to use pip3 instead of pip below.

Install with pip:

pip install cfde-submit


This tool can ingest any of the following into DERIVA:

  1. A directory to be formatted into a BDBag

  2. A premade BDBag directory

  3. A premade BDBag in an archive file

In all cases, the data must already be in CFDE TableSchema format, or the ingest may fail. See instructions here (link to docs pending).

Command line

There are four commands available: run, status, login, logout, and reset. Use them as follows:

  • cfde-submit run DATA-PATH will ingest the data found at DATA-PATH into CFDE. You can also specify the following options:

    • --output-dir=OUTPUT_DIR will copy the data in DATA-PATH, if it is a directory, to the location you specify, which must not exist and must not be inside DATA-PATH. The resulting BDBag will be named after the output directory. If not specified, the BDBag will be created in-place in DATA_PATH if necessary.

    • --delete-dir will trigger deletion of the output-dir after processing is complete. If you didn’t specify output-dir, this option has no effect.

    • --ignore-git will prevent the client from overwriting output-dir and delete-dir to handle Git repositories.

  • cfde-submit status will check the status of a Flow instance.

  • cfde-submit login will start the login process. If you have tokens saved from a previous login, this command will validate those tokens and only re-authenticate you if they are expired. It is not necessary to run this command before run or status, because those commands will also authenticate you if needed.

  • cfde-submit logout will log you out and revoke any valid cached tokens.

  • cfde-submit reset will reset your cfde-submit configuration.

Python API

The CfdeClient class, once instantiated, has the following methods:

  • start_deriva_flow(self, data_path, catalog_id=None, output_dir=None, delete_dir=False, **kwargs)

  • check_status(self, flow_id=None, flow_instance_id=None, raw=False)

  • logout(self)

The arguments operate in the same fashion as the CLI options, and are documented in detail in the method docstrings.

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