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Metrical analysis tools for indic languages in general, and sanskrit in particular

Project description


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This is a python package for Indic language (mostly sanskrit) metre
identification and related tasks like syllabization. This module expects
devanAgarI input, and currently produces IAST output.

For users

- `Autogenerated Docs on readthedocs (might be
broken) <>`__.
- Manually and periodically generated docs
`here <>`__
- For detailed examples and help, please see individual module files in
this package.

Installation or upgrade:

- ``sudo pip install chandas -U``
- ``sudo pip install git+ -U``
- `Web <>`__.


For more examples, see tests.

Metre Identification


from chandas import identify
pattern_lines = identify.to_pattern_lines("निर्दिष्टाङ् कुलपतिना स पर्णशालाम् अध्यास्य प्रयतपरिग्रहद्वितीयः ।\nतच्छिष्याध्ययननिवेदितावसानां सव्ँविष्टः कुशशयने निशान् निनाय ॥".split("\n"))
id_result = identify.identifier.IdentifyFromPatternLines(pattern_lines)
assert id_result['exact'] == "Praharṣiṇī"



from chandas import syllabize
syllabize.get_syllables(u"ॐ मणि पद्मे ऽहम्") == "ओम् म णि पद् मे हम्"
syllabize.get_graphemes(u"बिक्रममेरोनामहो") == "बि क् र म मे रो ना म हो".split(" ")

Shared test data

Please feel free to use test data published here to test your own

- `syllabizationTests.json <>`__

For external collaborators

- We copy the data and identification code from `shreevatsa's
repo <>`__. This code has been
transformed a bit to conform to PEP conventions.
- You may be interested in sharing and contributing to a common pool of
test cases - see the chandas-id and syllabization tests under .

For contributors


Have a problem or question? Please head to
`github <>`__.


- ~/.pypirc should have your pypi login credentials.


python bdist_wheel
twine upload dist/* --skip-existing

Build documentation

- sphinx html docs can be generated with ``cd docs; make html``


Run ``pytest`` in the root directory.

Auxiliary tools

- |Build Status|
- |Documentation Status|
- `pyup <>`__

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