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A Bayesian change point library

Project description


Python bindings for important functionality of the rust library changepoint, a library for doing change point detection for steams of data.


Install via pip with

$ python3 -m pip install "changepoint"

Note: If there is no binary distribution for your OS, architecture, and Python version, you will need the Rust compiler to build the package and install a Python tool called Maturin:

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh
python3 -m pip install maturin

See for instructions on installing Rust.

Quick Docs

By convention in these docs and examples,

import changepoint as cpt



The Bayesian change point detector, Bocpd, takes a prior distribution, aka one of


Then, a Bocpd may be created:

cpd = cpt.Bocpd(

where the prior is a NormalGamma and the characteristic run length is 12.

Each step of the data stream, data, can be processed by

import random
import numpy as np

data = [random.gauss() for _ in range(30)] \
    + [random.gauss(1, 2) for _ in range(30)]

n = len(data)
change_point_history = np.zeros((n, n))
for i, x in enumerate(data):
    change_point_history[i, : i + 1] = cpd.step(x)



ArgpCpd has an implicit prior as it is a Gaussian Process of the form X_{i+1} = c X_{i-l-1, ..., i-1} + ε where c is the scale, X_{i-l-1, ..., i-1} is the previous vales in the sequence (l is the max-lag parameter), and ε is a white noise parameter. It behaves similarity to the Bocpd class; for example,

argp = cpt.ArgpCpd(logistic_hazard_h=-2, scale=3, noise_level=0.01)
n = len(data)
change_point_history = np.zeros((n + 1, n + 1))
xs = []
ys = []
for i, x in enumerate(data):
    cps = argp.step(x)
    change_point_history[i, : len(cps)] = cps



An example IPython notebook can be found here.

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