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Yjs sync protocol server for Django channels

Project description


channels-yroom is a Django Channels WebSocket consumer and worker for synchronizing Yjs clients. It implements the network protocol for Yjs doc synchronization and awareness updates and makes them available as Django Channels WebSocket consumer and worker.

Get started

  1. Install:

    pip install channels-yroom

  2. Add channels and channels_yroom to INSTALLED_APPS in your settings.

  3. Set up your WebSocket consumer in

     from channels_yroom.consumer import YroomConsumer
     class TextCollaborationConsumer(YroomConsumer):
         def get_room_group_name(self) -> str:
             Determine a unique name for this room, e.g. based on URL
             room_name = self.scope["url_route"]["kwargs"]["room_name"]
             return "textcollab_%s" % room_name
         async def connect(self) -> None:
             Optional: perform some sort of authentication
             user = self.scope["user"]
             if not user.is_staff:
                 await self.close()
             await super().connect()
  4. Hook your WebSocket patterns in your and add a "channel" protocol router for the "yroom" channel name:

    # ...
    application = ProtocolTypeRouter(
            "http": get_asgi_application(),
            "websocket": AllowedHostsOriginValidator(
            "channel": ChannelNameRouter(
                    "yroom": YRoomChannelConsumer.as_asgi(),
  5. In addition to your webserver with WebSockets support (e.g. daphne or uvicorn), you need to run a channels worker. You can run the yroom worker implementation that supports graceful shutdown:

    python yroom

Showcase: text collaboration example

The example folder contains a simple project that uses y-prosemirror to allow for realtime collaboration on rich text.

Run the included Docker compose file to check it out:

docker compose up
# Then visit localhost:8000

How it works

Yjs clients connect via WebSockets to a Channels WebSocket Consumer which can perform e.g. authentication and then forwards messages via channel layer to a central worker. This worker runs in a separate process and keeps a Yjs document + awareness information for each 'room', processes synchronization and awareness updates and sends responses (single and broadcast to room) to the WebSocket consumers.

Under the hood, this project uses yroom which is high-level Python binding to a Yjs synchronization and awareness implementation in Rust based on the official Yjs Rust port.

Example flow

    participant Alice
    participant WebsocketConsumerA
    participant Yroom Worker
    participant WebsocketConsumerB
    participant Bob
    Alice->>+WebsocketConsumerA: connect
    WebsocketConsumerA->>+Yroom Worker: connect
    Yroom Worker->>+WebsocketConsumerA: sync1
    WebsocketConsumerA->>+Alice: forward sync1
    Alice->>+WebsocketConsumerA: sync2
    WebsocketConsumerA->>+Yroom Worker: forward sync2

    Bob->>WebsocketConsumerB: connect
    WebsocketConsumerB->>+Yroom Worker: connect
    Yroom Worker->>+WebsocketConsumerB: sync1
    WebsocketConsumerB->>+Bob: forward sync1
    Bob->>+WebsocketConsumerB: sync2
    WebsocketConsumerB->>+Yroom Worker: forward sync2
    Bob->>+WebsocketConsumerB: update from Bob
    WebsocketConsumerB->>+Yroom Worker: forward update from Bob        

        Yroom Worker->>WebsocketConsumerA: broadcast update
        WebsocketConsumerA->>Alice: forward update
        Yroom Worker->>WebsocketConsumerB: broadcast update
        WebsocketConsumerB->>Bob: forward update

Project details

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