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Gandi extension for the Chaos Toolkit

Project description

Chaos Toolkit extension for the Gandi platform

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This project is a collection of actions and probes, gathered as an extension to the Chaos Toolkit.


This package requires Python 3.5+

To be used from your experiment, this package must be installed in the Python environment where chaostoolkit already lives.

$ pip install -U chaostoolkit-gandi


To use the probes and actions from this package, add the following to your experiment file:

    "version": "1.0.0",
    "title": "Our domains are not going expiring within a month",
    "description": "We need time to renew.",
    "secrets": {
        "gandi": {
            "apikey": {
                "type": "env",
                "key": "GANDI_API_KEY"
    "steady-state-hypothesis": {
        "title": "Check domains are all more than 1 month away from expiring",
        "probes": [
                "type": "probe",
                "name": "list-my-domains",
                "tolerance": {
                    "type": "probe",
                    "name": "validate-domain-expire-date",
                    "provider": {
                        "type": "python",
                        "secrets": ["gandi"],
                        "module": "",
                        "func": "domains_should_not_expire_in",
                        "arguments": {
                            "when": "1 month"
                "provider": {
                    "type": "python",
                    "secrets": ["gandi"],
                    "module": "",
                    "func": "list_domains"
    "method": []

That's it!

Set the GANDI_API_KEY environment variable to your Gandi API Key.

Please explore the code to see existing probes and actions.


If you wish to contribute more functions to this package, you are more than welcome to do so. Please, fork this project, make your changes following the usual PEP 8 code style, sprinkling with tests and submit a PR for review.

The Chaos Toolkit projects require all contributors must sign a Developer Certificate of Origin on each commit they would like to merge into the master branch of the repository. Please, make sure you can abide by the rules of the DCO before submitting a PR.


If you wish to develop on this project, make sure to install the development dependencies. But first, create a virtual environment and then install those dependencies.

$ pip install -r requirements-dev.txt -r requirements.txt

Then, point your environment to this directory:

$ pip install -e .

Now, you can edit the files and they will be automatically be seen by your environment, even when running from the chaos command locally.


To run the tests for the project execute the following:

$ pytest

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