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Tools for automated distributed juju charm testing.

Project description

Automated Charm Testing

Reusable components and utilities for juju: charm testing.

There are several different use cases for testing from jenkins waterfall views, to gating publishing to a repository based on test results.

In order to accomodate different running scenarios, the tools are presented as a set of cli tools.

All the tools operate against the default juju environment.


Provides the main entry point into charm testing. It will generate and run a test and record the result and environment information:

$ juju-graph-runner -r repository -w working_dir -s series -t <charm_name>


For a given charm change calculate a series of test plans against a repository of all charms:

$ juju-planner -r repository  -s precise -d plans_dir <charm_name>


Snapshot and restore an environment, akin to a bzr shelve. Primary purpose it to be able to clear out services from an environment so the environment can be reused across tests.

Operates on a service granularity, destroying and removing old services not present in before the last snapshot in a pop:

 $ juju-snapshot snapshot -f pristine.json
 $ juju deploy --repository=examples local:mysql
 $ juju-snapshot restore -f pristine.json

- Clean an environment for reuse, via deleting services.
- Resets provider storage of any uploaded charms.
- Removes any charm state from zookeeper.


Load a test plan’s services and relations into an environment:

$ juju-load -r repository mediawiki.plan


Verification for a service coming up correctly, waits for a given service and all its relations to reach a completed steady state or any reach a failure state:

$ juju-watch <service_name>

Exit code 1 if the wait failed, stderr with more details. Exit 0 if succesful.

Test Records

Create an archive of all the unit logs, zookeeper data, status, and test runner logs:

$ juju-record -f


Kapil Thangavelu <author> Mark Mimms <contributor>



  • use sftp to fetch remote unit logs (juju-recorder is now provider independent)

  • update watcher to work with new status output


  • standalone zk dump script, use an error handling wrapper snapshot teardown.


  • fix for watcher max timeout cli argument


  • fix for snapshot restore having multiple services reference a charm.


  • packaging fix

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