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Curses interface to Checkmk Raw.

Project description

Check Commander

Checkmk Commander, or Check Commander, efficient Curses interface for Checkmk,


The goal is not to completely avoid the web interface, but to speed up common day-to-day tasks. Actions like acknowledge, downtime, reinventorize can be done in seconds, with keyboard only. Overview is clean and simple.

Beta quality. Can be used. Report bugs! Some features may behave weirdly, but won't eat your data.

Project home:


Acknowledge and help v.8

Details v.6

Overview v.3


From PIP:

pip3 install checkmk-commander

Run command: chkcom

(Additional functionality requires python module cliboard, webbrowser)


Press ? in app to get an overview.


You will be asked for configuration details on first run, and a config will be created at ~/.config/check-commander.ini

Additionaly, you can add:

url_w =

This will let you hit "w" in list view to open that host in your wiki (or any other site). HOSTNAME will be replaced with current selected host.

Implementation details and limitations

Uses CheckMK's web API. You need a "machine" account with a secret. A normal user won't work.

High pri features

  • list service problems from several checkmk instances
  • ack service problems
    • Show popup to add comment
    • Parse time from comment
    • ack service problems on all sites, not just main host
  • ack host problems
  • downtime service problems
  • comment service problems
  • show down hosts

Medium pri features

  • Reinventorize a host
  • Make actions async
  • Add logging
  • show service problem count

Low pri features

  • Ability to run remotely (without being on checkmk host)
  • Reschedule check
  • Add new host
  • Search in alert list
  • Search in all host/services (to i.e. run a reinventorize before anything complains)
  • Sort alert list
  • Show number of comments on services in overview
  • List event notifications
  • List hosts/services in downtime
  • More list options, like remove numbering, wrap/clip columns.


  • Improve readability, colors.
  • Find down time for down-alerts.
  • Fetch host comments for down hosts.
  • Status bar at bottom could be replaced by a scrolling textview with "Host- and Service events"?
  • Icon, desktop integration.
  • I can only assume syslog is os dependent.
  • Write more unit tests
  • Change URLs to be an object, for testing and safer handling.
  • Expand yank command.


Tests can be run with tox. Static tests have been done with prospector.

Inspirations and help

Project details

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checkmk-commander-1.0.0.tar.gz (68.5 kB view hashes)

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