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An explainer for Chemprop based on LIME and PathExplain.

Project description


A Chemprop explainer based on LIME and PathExplain.


  • Make sure your Python version is >= 3.8
  • conda is required for ChemProp. If it is not installed on your machine, you can take a look at miniconda
  1. Install Chemprop
  2. Then simply run pip install chemexp
  3. You're good to go!


Using Python

import chemexp
from chemprop.utils import load_checkpoint

model = chemexp.ExplanationModel(load_checkpoint("models/"))
exp = model.explain_molecule("COC(=N)Cc1ccccc1")
chemexp.exp_to_png(exp, "mol.png")

A little more detail is available in test/

Web interface

Although you can use this Python module in your scripts, you can also experiment a user-friendly interface.
⚠️ Warning: this only works on Linux for the moment (this is due to the linux-specific paths used to save some files, but it can be adapted for Windows or Mac).

Use the following command to run the web server:

python -m chemexp <path>

where path is a folder containing chemprop models / checkpoints (.pt files)


To cite our work:

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Project details

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