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modern local environment management

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This command-line interface creates and manages local .env files from various sources.

Coupled with python-dotenv for python, or dotenv for node.js development, it provides better, more consistent environment variable management and developement.


To install chenv, run this command in your terminal:

$ pip install --user chenv

Also make sure that your $PATH includes $HOME/.local/bin. If not, add this line to your .bashrc / .zshrc:

export PATH=$HOME/.local/bin:$PATH;


chenv’s usage looks like:

$ chenv COMMAND [ARGS]

Commands currently include:


Choose to set .env as a new, blank, .env.blank file.


Choose to set .env from a remote heroku app config-vars, as .env.[app-name].

  • -t <team>, --team <team>

    Pre-fill team name

  • -a <app>, --app <app>

    Pre-fill app name


Choose to set .env from a local, pre-exsiting .env.* file.

  • filename

    Pre-fill file-suffix name

Project Configurations

chenv also provides two file types that manipulate the output of new .env.* files being set.


Specifies intentionally unwanted environment-variables. Each line in a envignore file specifies a pattern.

When deciding whether to ignore an environment variable, chenv checks it’s key against the list of patterns described in this file.


.envignore uses the unix filename pattern matching, similar to .gitignore’s, and as specified at


Sepecifies environment variables to merge / override after any input is chosen. This provides consistency to preffered settings such as the logging-level, or NODE_ENV for local development usage in node.js.

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