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A build tool to pick cherry, bake release branches, and power label-driven development

Project description

Cherry Tree

Cherry Tree is a set of tools that were originally designed to help build releases for Apache Superset, but can be use for any other project that wants to implement a similar workflow.

Ideas behind cherrytree include:

  • Github label driven development / releases
  • Make release from specifying base reference and Github labels
  • Apply cherries in correct order
  • Follow a base reference + cherries approach

An example build file

cherrytree offers tooling to both:

  1. validate that all cherries apply cleanly before baking release
  2. craft a branch in a target repo from a "bake file"

Here's an example :

$ cherrytree bake -r apache/superset -l v1.3 1.3

🍒🌳🍒 CherryTree
Running in dryrun mode, all changes will be rolled back
Base ref is 69c5cd792296167d503403455b7e434fb3fedcd6
2090 commits skipped due to missing PRs
Fetching labeled PRs: "v1.3" (113 labels found)
113 PRs found
Fetching all branches
Checking out base branch: 1.3
Recreating and checking out temporary branch: __tmp_branch
skip-applied #16233: fix(dashboard): cross filter chart highlight when filters badge ic...
apply-ok #16193: refactor: external metadata fetch API                                     [DRY-RUN]
skip-applied #16251: chore: bump superset-ui packages to 0.17.84
skip-applied #16253: fix: Homepage dashboard examples tab does not show user created ob...
skip-applied #16259: fix: pivot columns with ints for name
skip-applied #16260: fix: check roles before fetching reports
apply-ok #16293: fix(sqlite): week grain refer to day of week                              [DRY-RUN]
apply-ok #16167: feat: Adding Rockset db engine spec                                       [DRY-RUN]
apply-ok #16369: fix: call external metadata endpoint with correct rison object            [DRY-RUN]
apply-ok #16299: fix: copy to Clipboard order                                              [DRY-RUN]
apply-ok #16416: feat: add Shillelagh DB engine spec                                       [DRY-RUN]
apply-ok #16460: fix(native-filters): handle null values in value filter                   [DRY-RUN]
apply-ok #16464: fix: prevent page crash when chart can't render                           [DRY-RUN]
apply-ok #16468: fix(native-filters): handle undefined control value gracefully            [DRY-RUN]
apply-ok #16515: fix: Pin snowflake-sqlalchemy to 1.2.4                                    [DRY-RUN]
apply-ok #16372: fix: ensure setting operator to `None` (#16371)                           [DRY-RUN]
apply-ok #16526: fix: Set correct comparison operator for snowflake-sqlalchemy pinning     [DRY-RUN]
apply-ok #16482: fix: can't drop column when name overlap                                  [DRY-RUN]
apply-ok #16412: fix: Support Jinja template functions in global async queries             [DRY-RUN]
apply-ok #16573: fix: impersonate user label/tooltip                                       [DRY-RUN]
apply-ok #16594: feat: Experimental cross-filter plugins                                   [DRY-RUN]
apply-ok #16592: fix: Remove export CSV in old filter box                                  [DRY-RUN]

0 successful cherries
17 dry-run cherries

Available options

cherrytree bake --help

🍒🌳🍒 CherryTree
Usage: cherrytree bake [OPTIONS] RELEASE_BRANCH

  Applies cherries to release

  -t, --target-branch TEXT        target branch for baking. Leave empty for
                                  dry run
  -m, --main_branch TEXT          name of branch containing cherries, usually
                                  `master` or `main`
  -r, --repo TEXT                 The name of the main repo. Example:
                                  apache/superset  [required]
  -l, --label TEXT                Name of label to use for cherry picking.
                                  Supports multiple labels, e.g. `-l Label1 -l
  -b, --blocking-label TEXT       Name of labels to block cherry picking
                                  operation. Supports multiple labels, e.g.
                                  `-b Blocker1 -b Blocker2`
  -pr, --pull-request TEXT        Pull request id to add to list of cherries
                                  to pick. Supports multiple ids, e.g. `-pr
                                  1234 -pr 5678`
  -nd, --no-dryrun                Should cherries be committed to target
  -e, --error-mode [break|dryrun|skip]
                                  What to do in case of an error. `skip` skips
                                  conflicted cherries, `dryrun` reverts to
                                  dryrun for subsequent prs and `break` stops
                                  cherry picking.  [default: skip]
  -f, --force-rebuild-target      Forcefully remove target branch before
                                  applying cherries. Only relevant when using
  -at, --access-token TEXT        GitHub access token. If left undefined, will
                                  use the GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable
  --help                          Show this message and exit.

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