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Choose Options using a CLI Checkbox Menu

Project description


A simple CLI checkbox menu interface for choosing options.


Takes a list of options as an argument and returns a list of selected items from that list.

Options are chosen by entering their corresponding number or name. Multiple options can be selected in one go. Choices should be separated by spaces.

Also supported is specifying ranges of numbers, in the form x..y or x-y (where x and y are item numbers from the list, eg) 1..5 or 1-5).

Additionally you can use ..x or -x to specify everything up to the number x, and x.. or x- to specify everything from the number x until the last element.

Finally one can use wildcard globbing to match option name strings. For instance *.py would match all files with the extension .py.

Reserved words are toggle, reset, accept and quit (case insensitive). They can be used to carry out those respective actions. Typing just the first letter also carries out that action - ie) t, toggles all, r, resets, etc.


pip install chopt


usage: chopt [-h] options [options ...]

Create a checkbox menu from a list of options.

positional arguments:
  options     Options for the menu.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit


from chopt import chopt

my_list = [ 'item1', 'item2', 'item3' ]

chosen = chopt(my_list)



chopt $(ls ~/src/chopt)

chopt $(shuf -n 100 /usr/share/dict/words)

chopt options{1..100}

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