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Create MIDI files from chord progressions

Project description

# chords2midi

Given it a chord progression, get a MIDI file!

Take your MIDI file, drop it into your favorite DAW and [make a beat!]( Or [two](

## Installation

$ pip install chords2midi

## Usage

$ c2m I V vi IV --key C
$ ls

More usage:

$ c2m I V vi iii IV I IV V --key D --bpm 128 --octave 5 --duration .25 # Pachabel's Canon in D, Staccato EDM Version
$ ls

You can also use named chords directly:

$ c2m Am Em F G --bpm 80
$ ls

You can place rests with `X`:

$ c2m I X V X vi X IV

Further options:

usage: [-h] [-b BPM] [-t OCTAVE] [-i INPUT] [-k KEY] [-n NOTES]
[U [U ...]]

chords2midi - Create MIDI files from written chord progressions.

positional arguments:
U Please supply chord progression!. See --help for more

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-b BPM, --bpm BPM Set the BPM (default 160)
-t OCTAVE, --octave OCTAVE
Set the octave (default 4)
-i INPUT, --input INPUT
Read from an input file.
-k KEY, --key KEY Set the key (default C)
-n NOTES, --notes NOTES
Notes in each chord (default all)
-d DURATION, --duration DURATION
Set the chord duraction (default 1)
Set the amount to "humanize" (strum) a chord, in ticks
- try .11 (default 0.0)
-o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT
Set the output file path. Default is the current key
and progression in the current location.
-v, --version Display the current version of chords2midi

## Common Progressions

The classic:

$ c2m I V vi IV

50's progression:

$ c2m I vi IV V

12 bar blues:

$ c2m I I I I IV IV I I V V I I


$ c2m I I I I IV IV I I V VI I V

Smoke on the water:

$ c2m ii IV V

Wild thing:

$ c2m I IV V IV


$ c2m vi V VI V

Gently weeps:

$ c2m ii I V6 VIIb VI


$ c2m vi IV I V

And [lots more](!

## Playback

If you're on OSX:

$ brew install timidity
$ timidity your-midi.mid

## Related

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* [ADGMaker]( - Make Ableton ADG instruments from Free Philharmonia Orchestra samples

Rich Jones, 2018. MIT.

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