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Python Client for Chouette-IoT metrics collection agent

Project description


Python client library for Chouette-IoT metrics collection agent.

This library can be used in applications to send Datadog-ish like messages to a Chouette-IoT metrics aggregator.
It uses Redis as a broker. Metrics are being stored in Redis and then they are collected, processed and dispatched by Chouette-IoT.

This library is able to send follow metric types: count, gauge, histogram, rate and set. distribution metric is NOT supported.


Usage example:

from time import time
from chouette_iot_client import ChouetteClient

# These metrics takes a float as their value:
ChouetteClient.count(metric="my.count.metric", value=1, timestamp=time(), tags={"importance": "high"})
ChouetteClient.gauge("my.gauge.metric", 1)
ChouetteClient.histogram("my.histogram.metric", 1.5)
ChouetteClient.rate("my.rate.metric", 1)

# Set metric takes a list or a set as its value:
ChouetteClient.set("my.set.metric.set", {1, 2, 3})
ChouetteClient.set("my.set.metric.list", [1, 2, 3])

Metric name metric and value are mandatory parameters. timestamp and tags are optional.
When no timestamp is specified, actual time is automatically taken. When no tags are specified, empty dict is being sent.

Also ChouetteClient supports timed both as a context manager and a decorator:

from time import sleep
from chouette_iot_client import timed

# ContextManager:
with timed(metric="my.timed.context_manager", tags={"units": "seconds"}, use_ms=False):

# Decorator:
@timed(metric="my.timed.decorator", tags={"units": "milliseconds"}, use_ms=True)
def rest():


Both these options will send the same data. But in one case it's going to be a value in seconds (~1.0) and in another case it will be a value in milliseconds (~1000).


Chouette-IoT-Client is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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