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A simple wrapper around the Companies House API

Project description

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# chwrapper
A python wrapper around the [Companies House UK API]( Returns [requests.Response objects](

## Example usage

>>> import chwrapper
>>> search_client = chwrapper.Search(access_token='secret_token')
>>> response = search_client.search_companies('dyson')
>>> response.json()
{'items': [{'address': {'address_line_1': 'Malmesbury',
'locality': 'Wiltshire',
'postal_code': 'SN16 0RP',
'premises': 'Tetbury Hill'},
'address_snippet': 'Tetbury Hill, Malmesbury, Wiltshire, SN16 0RP',
'company_number': '03772814',
'company_status': 'active',
'company_type': 'ltd',
'date_of_creation': '1999-05-18',
'description': '03772814 - Incorporated on 18 May 1999',
'description_identifier': ['incorporated-on'],
'kind': 'searchresults#company',
'links': {'self': '/company/03772814'},
'matches': {'snippet': [1, 5, 20, 24], 'title': [1, 5]},
'title': 'DYSON JAMES LIMITED'},...]}

For further details, see the docs:

## Supported Endpoints
- [**Search for companies by name**] (

- [**Search for officers by name**] (

- [**Search for officer appointments by officer number**] (

- [**Search for company addresses by company number**] (

- [**Search for company profile by company number**] (

- [**Search for insolvency records by company number**] (

- [**Search for a company's filing history**] (

- [**Search for charges against a company**] (

- [**Search for officers registered against a company**] (

- [**Search for disqualified officers by their ID number**] (

- [**Search for all persons of significant control of a company**] (

- [**Search for a single person with significant control of a company**] (

- [**Search for documents by document ID**] (

## Installation

### Get the Code
chwrapper is available on [PyPi]( Just `pip install chwrapper`.

chwrapper is also available on [GitHub](

You can either clone the public repository:
$ git clone git://
Download the [tarball](
$ curl -OL
Or, download the zipball:
$ curl -OL
Once you have a copy of the source, you can install it into your Python package, or install it into your site-packages easily:
$ python install

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