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Lightweight, agent-based, distributed scheduler

Project description

Cicada scheduler

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Centralized Distributed Scheduler


  • Cicada is best understood as a lightweight management layer between linux CRON and the end executables
  • It requires a central database for setting up and monitoring schedules
  • Schedules can be launched on any node that has registered itself to the database
  • Nodes act as agents pulling scheduling information from the database.

Advantages over using only CRON

  • A central log is kept of schedule executions and results
  • Offers some schedule dependance management
  • Non-running schedules can easily be moved from one node to another
  • Running schedules can easily be terminated

Execution flow diagram

Execution flow diagram

Setup Central Database

Verified on PostgreSQL versions 9.6 to 12.9

  1. Execute as postgres user setup/db_and_user.sql
  2. Change cicada user password
  3. Execute as cicada user setup/schema.sql

Database ERD

Database ERD

Setup Node

Verified on Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04 LTS


  • ntpd
  • cron
  • python3.8
# Install Cicada Scheduler
sudo mkdir -p /opt/cicada
sudo chown -R $USER:$USER /opt/cicada
cd /opt/cicada

cd $DIR
git clone .
make python=python3.8

# Update the db_cicada section of the environmental config file
cp $DIR/config/example.yml $DIR/config/definitions.yml
vim $DIR/config/definitions.yml

# Register new Node in Database
$DIR/bin/cicada register_server

# Add linux CRON job to check central scheduler every minute
echo "* * * * * $DIR/venv/bin/python3 $DIR/venv/bin/cicada exec_server_schedules" | crontab


cli help

cicada --help

(Re)register a server to Cicada

cicada register_server

Add or Update a new schedule

cicada upsert_schedule --help

schedule_id             | Id of the schedule
schedule_description    | Schedule description and comments
server_id               | Id of the server where the schedule will run
schedule_order          | run order for the schedule. lowest is first. is_async jobs will be execute in parallel
is_async                | 0=Disabled 1=Enabled | is_async jobs execute in parallel
is_enabled              | 0=Disabled 1=Enabled
adhoc_execute           | 0=Disabled 1=Enabled | Execute at next minute, regardless of other settings
abort_running           | 0=Disabled 1=Enabled | If the job is running, it will be terminated as soon as possible
interval_mask           | When to execute the command | unix crontab (minute hour dom month dow)
first_run_date          | The schedule will not execute before this datetime
last_run_date           | The schedule will not execute after this datetime
exec_command            | Command to execute
parameters              | Parameters for exec_command
adhoc_parameters        | If specified, will override parameters for one run
schedule_group_id       | Optional field to help with schedule grouping

Launch a schedule once, as soon as possible

  • adhoc_execute is a one-time schedule modification.
  • As soon as adhoc_execution has been used, it is reset.
cicada upsert_schedule --schedule_id={schedule_id} --adhoc_execute={1}

Launch the next run of a schedule with different parameters

  • adhoc_parameters is a one-time schedule modification.
  • As soon as adhoc_parameters has been used, it is reset.
cicada upsert_schedule --schedule_id={schedule_id} ==adhoc_parameters={do something diffident}

Abort a running schedule

  • abort_running is a one-time schedule modification.
  • As soon as abort_running has been used, it is reset.
cicada upsert_schedule --schedule_id={schedule_id} --abort_running={1}

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