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Library for CJK (chinese, japanese, korean) language data.

Project description

cihai · Python Package License Code Coverage

Python library for CJK (chinese, japanese, korean) data.

This project is under active development. Follow our progress and check back for updates!


API / Library (this repository)

$ pip install --user cihai
from cihai.core import Cihai

c = Cihai()

if not c.unihan.is_bootstrapped:  # download and install Unihan to db

query = c.unihan.lookup_char('好')
glyph = query.first()
print("lookup for 好: %s" % glyph.kDefinition)
# lookup for 好: good, excellent, fine; well

query = c.unihan.reverse_char('good')
print('matches for "good": %s ' % ', '.join([glph.char for glph in query]))
# matches for "good": 㑘, 㑤, 㓛, 㘬, 㙉, 㚃, 㚒, 㚥, 㛦, 㜴, 㜺, 㝖, 㤛, 㦝, ...

See API documentation and /examples.

CLI (cihai-cli)

$ pip install --user cihai-cli

Character lookup:

$ cihai info 
kCantonese: hou2 hou3
kDefinition: good, excellent, fine; well
kJapaneseOn: KOU
kKorean: HO
kMandarin: hǎo
kTang: "*xɑ̀u *xɑ̌u"
kTotalStrokes: "6"
kVietnamese: háo
ucn: U+597D

Reverse lookup:

$ cihai reverse library
kCangjie: WLGA
kCantonese: syu1
kCihaiT: '308.302'
kDefinition: library
kTotalStrokes: '13'
ucn: U+5715


All datasets that cihai uses have stand-alone tools to export their data. No library required.


$ git clone`
$ cd cihai/

Bootstrap your environment and learn more about contributing. We use the same conventions / tools across all cihai projects: pytest, sphinx, mypy, ruff, tmuxp, and file watcher helpers (e.g. entr(1)).

Python versions

  • 0.19.0: Last Python 3.7 release

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