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Core functionality for Conductor's client tools

Project description

Conductor Core

Common Python libraries for Conductor Cloud rendering service.


To install the latest version.

pip install --upgrade ciocore --target=$HOME/Conductor

To install a specific version, for example 0.1.0.

pip install --upgrade --force-reinstall ciocore==0.1.0 --target=$HOME/Conductor

Then tell Clarisse how to find the plugin on startup.

If you want to use the Python API, set the PYTHONPATH as follows.

export PYTHONPATH=${HOME}/Conductor


For help setting up your dev environment please visit

Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue to discuss what you would like to change.




Version:0.2.13 -- 08 Oct 2020

  • Adds README and CHANGELOG to PyPi description. [97a07dd]

Version:0.2.12 -- 04 Oct 2020

  • Catch unimplemented thread_count. [c64ad79]

Version:0.2.11 -- 01 Oct 2020

  • Package environment now allows exclusive override. [481851b]
  • Allow relative paths that start with letter, colon - it could happen. [241fc68]

Version:0.2.10 -- 08 Sep 2020

  • Gpath allow colons in paths. [9c19d3a]

Version:0.2.9 -- 06 Sep 2020

  • Sequence consumers must use factory. [01a7dd7]

Version:0.2.8 -- 03 Sep 2020

  • Tidy and remove dependency on future. [0c2f72c]

Version:0.2.7 -- 28 Aug 2020

  • Adds cycle_progressions chunk strategy for improved scout frame distribution. [9b42288]
  • Remove yaml config (#8)
  • Remove config file references
  • Adds jwt domain validation for credentials file so token is renewed when switching Google projects.
  • Api_url defaults to same domain as auth_url

Version:0.2.6 -- 18 Aug 2020

  • Adds jwt domain validation for creds file. [0042b2b]
  • Remove config file references. [451896b]

Version:0.2.5 -- 11 Aug 2020

  • Production release

Version:0.2.4 -- 11 Aug 2020

  • Removed redshift package ids hack. [8d11367]

Version:0.2.3 -- 10 Aug 2020

  • Adds remove_missing files method to Gpath. [3b96796]
  • Adds validators base class. [c91ffc9] [b074cce]

Version:0.2.2 -- 08 Aug 2020

  • Temp workarounds for missing plugin-host links in packages
  • Remove "shared" request.session object. (#293)
  • Update httpbatchworker docstring (#291)
  • File api refactor multipart and tcp connection pooling (#290)
  • Multipart updates to workers
  • Add make_preapred_request for s3 calls to remove transfer-encoding header being added. update descriptions and v2 endpoints. Add content-length for s3 calls. don't return response object on s3 calls which can cause a build up of memory due to jobworker, return headers or none.
  • Add metric_store increments for aws presigned and multipart, cannot use chunked reader since generator does not have len function.
  • Use httpbatchworker response to avoid additional os.stat calls. [7c76c46]

Version:0.2.0 -- 01 Aug 2020

  • Use explicit entry point script. [dfd9da3]
  • The coredata singleton that holds instance_types, projects, and software must now be initialized with software product. This is to avoid having to specify the product on every call to data(). [db0fcb0]
  • Expander context made public to indicate to other objects that they may retrieve the context. [a457aa1]

Version:0.1.15 -- 27 Jul 2020

  • Made post install script runnable. [8dce89f]

Version:0.1.14 -- 27 Jul 2020

  • Simplified post install script - no longer interactive. [6bba8af]

Version:0.1.13 -- 26 Jul 2020

  • Refactored post install setup script. [3fbba5e]

Version:0.1.12 -- 25 Jul 2020

  • Setup can accept cmdline args for non-wizard mode. [f195b7d]
  • Adds safe mode to expander. [95f6cfd]

Version:0.1.11 -- 22 Jul 2020

  • Adds Setup wizard to make installation easier. [a06d610]

Version:0.1.10 -- 21 Jul 2020

  • Use cio to differentiate from conductor. [3f49451]
  • Projects and instance types sorted for fixtures. [4a0f833]

Version:0.1.9 -- 10 Jul 2020

  • Implement data singletons here and remove from conductor-maya. [d31aeaa]

Version:0.1.8 -- 06 Jul 2020

  • Repair some path list issues found while adding remove method. [7368cc2]

Version:0.1.7 -- 04 Jul 2020

  • Adds a remove method to pathlist. [5712d2c]
  • Wip configure script. [e7f6ea9]

Version:0.1.6 -- 29 Jun 2020

  • Fix bad path to conductor cmd. [5be12af]
  • Packages: Remove tree property and make _tree -> tree. [1e6ae34]

Version:0.1.5 -- 22 Jun 2020

  • Remove src. [a366047]
  • Newline in requirements. [a4cd9d3]
  • Missing member. [b2bfb6d]
  • Fix tests. [c9498c9]
  • Imports ciocore. [916651e]
  • Flatten. [c88afae]
  • Flatter hierarchy. [6906e23]
  • Slug means local slug. [0db16e0]
  • Init declare namespace. [84d16b3]
  • Use underscore name. [1aae967]
  • Correct namespace config. [22a09f3]

Version:0.1.4 -- 14 Jun 2020

  • Ignore build dir. [8080df5]

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